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Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

image courtesy of https://hdqwalls.com/ THE NUN MOVIE  Promotional picture for “The Nun” that might be inspire you to dress up as the “holy ghost.”

Harley Fonseca

It’s officially spooky season, folks! Halloween is right around the corner and many are preparing for the beloved holiday. Last year gave us some basic ideas when it came to choosing a Halloween costume. You probably remember nothing but Harley Quinns and Eleven from “Stranger Things” at your last Halloween party.  

It can be extremely annoying when you show up to a Halloween party and there are six other people in the same costume as you. You want your costume to be memorable and get everyone talking about it! Here are some examples of over-searched costumes to avoid this year: 

Everyone knows “The Conjuring” terrified whoever was brave enough to watch the James Wan film when it first came out in 2013, but what really shook audiences this year was the horrifying look of The Nun, also known as the demon Valak in the film. While Valak makes appearances throughout the film series, director Wan finally dedicated a much-anticipated movie to this demon.  

If you’re a fan of “Riverdale,” you might want to remove the pom-poms from your online shopping cart because the characters from this dark little town are more popular than ever. The premier of the show’s third season aired on Oct. 10, so it’s understandable if it’s a last-minute costume choice. However, there are plenty of other choices to make besides being Jughead, Betty or Veronica. 

Expect cat suits to sell out at Party City because since “Black Panther’s” release this February, “Black Panther” made superhero costumes even more of a popular choice. The suit in the film was so iconic that everyone will want to dress up like the King of Wakanda. Even women will have the inspiration to dress up as Shuri or Okoye, but few will have the dedication to shave their heads.   

“Costumes may not be necessary to some,” said Senior Communications major Michela May, “but I’m definitely still going to wear one. I’d wear a costume even if I was just with friends that night. I remember my sophomore year here at TAMUCC when I did a last-minute Walking Dead costume with one of my friends.”Halloween is a time of the year when it’s all about becoming someone else when dressing up in costumes, besides getting to eat candy and put up  spooky decorations. 

“Dressing up is always necessary,” said Jasmyne Garcia, Communications major. “I look scary in normal life, so I choose Halloween to be the opposite. Last year, I was a playboy bunny and now I have a boyfriend this year, so we’re going to be Peter Pan and Wendy. Although, my freshman year of high school has to be my favorite because that’s when I had my license and could drive to the rich neighborhoods for the good candy.” 

Halloween always brings a familiar excitement in your stomach when Oct. 1 comes around, but a yearly struggle for some is choosing who they want to be. Don’t have a clue on who or what you want to be? Here are some suggestions of clever Halloween ideas that will make your friends say, “I didn’t even think of being that!” 

One clever idea is while most people would want to be a member of the “Incredibles” family, many are missing out on becoming the sassy Edna Mode. According to Pinterest, there has been a spike in searches of Miss Edna and a 38% increase in searches for black eye glasses, as well as A-line dresses on Lyst. With her sleek black bob haircut, black thick-rimmed glasses to lower as you judge others and unforgettable accent, it could be a perfect opportunity to channel your inner Edna Mode and judge everyone else’s costumes.  

Another idea for a costume this Halloween comes from Hulu’s original “Castle Rock,” a show inspired by the works of author Stephen King. Forbes magazine says that, “The show definitely ticks all the right boxes. The writing is tense, the direction is deliberate, the cinematography is off-putting and the sound design will make you jump.” 

Lastly, this year has had some wonderful horror releases such as “A Quiet Place” and “Hereditary,” but what’s to come will have some of us wish we never saw the trailer. Based on the 1977 film by Dario Argento, “Suspiria” is set to release Oct. 26 in theaters. Those lucky enough to have seen it will want to put a terrifying twist into their witch costumes this year. Mixing themes with contemporary dance as the film does, you can look like a regular dancer but with a few tricks up your sleeve. 




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