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I-TEAM hosts Oktoberfest to help students make responsible decisions

Pic 1: Islanders visit booths at Oktoberfest. Photo by Ariana Aloia

Miguel Gutierrez

On Oct. 17, I-TEAM hosted Oktoberfest, an event geared towards helping students make responsible decisions in their time attending TAMU-CC. The event was scheduled to take place on the East Lawn, but it was moved inside the Dugan Wellness Center due to weather conditions.  

In charge of overseeing the event was Delaney Foster, Student Engagement Coordinator. 

“This event is run by I-TEAM,” said Foster, “which is Islanders Teaching Engaging and Motivating. I am actually their advisors’ boss and I’m here helping them out.   

“Their whole job is to help Islanders be healthy and live their best life and graduate on time. If you’re drunk and hungover, it’s really hard to graduate.”   

The event was run by Islanders who wanted to help educate their peers in order to remain safe on and off campus. 

“Every single one of these tables here is run by Islanders here at the university,” said Foster, “which is a great leadership opportunity for them and allows us to be more educated.” 

I-TEAM was not alone in making the event a success. 

“It’s been a very collaborative effort,” said Foster, “which is great because again, all the people we collaborate with are students.” There were between 10 and 15 other organizations in attendance to the event.  

If you want to be a part of I-TEAM, you can find them on the I-Engage website. 

“We are a very selective group,” said Foster, “but it looks fantastic on your resume, and you’re going to learn skills with us you can’t learn anywhere else.” 



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