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Libertarian congressional candidate: Daniel Tinus

Image courtesy of https://votesmart.org/ votesmart  Daniel Tinus is the Libertarian congressional candidate for the 27th district.

Miguel Gutierrez

Daniel Tinus is the Libertarian congressional candidate running to represent the 27th district in Texas.  

During an interview with Island Waves, Tinus said that both he and his wife are U.S. Army veterans. He has now been teaching high school classes for the past 18 years. Tinus also stated that he does have an educational background in engineering and has been a child advocate for over 10 years. In addition, Tinus donates his time to food banks and homeless shelters. 

“My greatest asset,” said Tinus, “is probably the fact that I know I can’t run people’s lives better than they can or spend their money better than they can. … I see us as individuals, not as tribes or collected.” 

“… I really don’t fit in as far as either party and I definitely don’t fit in as far as what we are seeing with the division and the tribal warfare that we have going on right now.  

“I kind of seek to be a change towards that,” Tinus continued, “as far as bringing people together, because there is a lot of commonality, but people refuse to see it.”    

Tinus advocates for both strong individual and state’s rights, over national power.

“The number one issue, and really it affects us quite a bit, is just the restoration of the rule of law,” said Tinus. “Whoever is in power at that moment is just basically dictating their will to us. … We see it with both the last administration and this administration, but really our rights are being eroded.”

Tinus said both Republicans and Democrats are at fault when it comes to infringing the rights of the  American people.

“The government’s responsibility is to ensure our rights are not infringed upon.” said Tinus. “That’s about it. They’ve really shown that they’re not capable, and when they do try to fix things, they actually cause more problems.” 

Tinus also said that the deficit is an impending issue he seeks to address. “They (the government) have proved untrustworthy to handle your money, and they will rob you,” said Tinus. “This year alone we have spent 1.3 trillion dollars above what we are taking in. … Right now, we have 21.4 trillion dollars in debt.”  

Tinus stressed the importance of balancing the national budget. “The fix for Social Security and Medicare is basically privatization, but it has to be done incrementally,” he said. “Most things can be privatized, but of course this would have to be incremental.” Tinus acknowledged that these changes couldn’t happen overnight but does believe that this is something politicians need to work towards.  

Tinus reflected on his time as a combat medic in the Middle East and Africa when talking about foreign involvement and military spending overseas. “It is the politicians and the leaders that are messing us up,” said Tinus. “ … We killed 16,000 kids in Yemen just last month.” 

Tinus has lived in Palestine, Gaza and Israel while in the Army, stating, “Those people have the same aspirations and the same hopes and dreams,” said Tinus. “I look at the military spending, and it is legitimate as far as for defense. 

“In this last budget, we gave 20 million dollars to educate Afghanistan women. It sounds great, but the money goes to the Afghan government and they spend it how they want,” said Tinus.

“We would be a lot better off contributing to different private organizations like Doctors without Borders and Catholic charities and other organizations that will actually go out and physically be on the ground to make sure people are getting the aid that they need.”  

As far as immigration is concerned, Tinus said that he is pro-immigration but also believes that there should be regulations. “If somebody is willing to come here,” said Tinus, “and work and they enjoy freedom and advocate for freedom, well why not? Let them come.  

“A lot of the problems we have are self-inflicted. We can’t have you come here, and we’re going to feed you, we’re going to clothe you, and we’re going to house you for free, and then expect people to work. They aren’t going to work. It’s the same thing with our citizens here,” said Tinus. “… I believe we should vet people when they come, but we should make immigration a whole lot easier and less expensive.”  

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