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Practical shoes for the fall season

Kensie Girl suede bootie in brown. 

America Segura

High, tall, heel, flat, platform, open toe … the list of characteristics can go on because, let’s face it, there are endless possibilities when it comes to shoes. From the patterns and colors, to heel height and length, girls everywhere should now begin to search for their footwear for the upcoming season.  

For all you shoe fanatics and fashionable babes, we have this season’s most in demand style guide to shoes just for you!  

Suede Bootie  

So, let’s start with the classics: the bootie.  

Unless it’s raining, you can’t go wrong with a neutral suede bootie. A medium heel length creates an effortless fall vibe. As a budget friendly tip, I would suggest to get tan or brown colored booties that will go with just about anything.  

Slouch Boot 

A 70’s vibe with texture that pops, the slouch boot is far from low key.  

According to Harper’s Bazzar, slouch boots are one of the must haves in your closet this season. These bad boys can be worn with jeans, skirts and dresses.  

However, someone with leaner, longer legs might find more comfort in pairing these with a dress, whereas a shorter gal will complement their figure with fitted jeans tucked into the boots.  

Rain Boots 

An essential must have if you live in “The Crust.”  

Living in Corpus Christi, the humidity and rain can get pretty hectic. Probably the first addition to my closet, and one of the best investments I made when coming to the Island, was to purchase a pair of rain boots.  

If you’re looking on the higher end, Hunter rain boots are a crowd favorite. If you’re trying to mind your budget, worry not because Target and Walmart have some cute alternatives.  

Foot Jewel 

Embellishments have been a rave for the past year, and they sure don’t fall behind when it comes to footwear. We’ve seen studs or jewels not only on heels and girly-girl shoes, but there are even embellished styles on sneakers.  

You can also add some bling to your closet shoe rack by shopping local at one of the boutiques in town. One of my new favorites is the mule style shoe by Kate Spade that pairs with a pant suit for a feminine touch on a conservative OOTD. 




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