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¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest weathers the rain

Left to right: Lexi McMurtry, Erin Kane and Kori Clark wait out the rain in the BUS (Bar Under the Sun) at ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest.

Sierra Lutz
Interim Editor-in-Chief

Despite heavy, almost constant rain, taco lovers still turned out for the first annual ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest in downtown Corpus Christi.  

Sonny Martinez, a Senior Marketing Major at TAMU-CC, had the privilege of being very involved in the marketing of ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest and was excited the event got to continue despite the rain.  

“With ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest, I was involved on the Graphic Design team with Garrett Huls,” said Martinez. “Designed all the branding, merchandising, signage — kinda everything for the whole festival that was branded with ¡Que Bueno!”  

Design artwork by Garrett Huls and Sonny Martinez

Martinez believes that even if the turnout wasn’t quite as large as they had hoped due to the weather, this festival will continue to be a tradition and will only increase in community participation.  

“Even though it was rained out,” continued Martinez, “the rain was a bummer this year, the people who are just behind it (the festival) and just the culture and basically just the people that are running this, it will have longevity for sure. It’s very pure, a lot of fun and anybody can come. It’s just a great time.” Many brave patrons came out to the festival dressed to the nines in their rain gear and still had a good time 

eating tacos.  

“I had a lot of friends that wanted to go,” said Abbie Cieslik, a festival attendee, “and so we thought it would be fun even with the rain.”  

The event was also full of friendly competitions such as the taco song contest, Barkaritaville Chihuahua Beauty contest, taco poetry contest and the most coveted: grand People’s Choice “Best Taco” contest.  

Taquitos Mi Tierra swept the whole competition winning best meat taco, best vegetarian taco, best salsa and over all best taco. Needless to say, if you see this taco truck parked anywhere, follow the people’s vote and buy a taco.  

Even though this festival was all about tacos and the Tex-Mex culture of Corpus Christi, it was also about raising awareness and funds for the restorative project of The Ritz Theatre.  

“The whole deal behind ¡Que Bueno! Taco Festival was to help rebuild The Ritz Theatre and to just get everything to where they needed it,” said Martinez. “So, this whole festival is going to benefit the rebuilding of The Ritz.”  

“I think it’s really cool,” said Cieslik. “I think it’s cool whenever the community comes together to support a cause, especially through a fun event like this.”  

Upon the complete restoration of the theatre, it will host a variety of events including professional performances, cinema presentations, cultural productions and more.  

The artist culture of Corpus Christi is growing and changing. With the efforts The Ritz Theatre is putting forth, they hope to be a catalyst for the rest of downtown Corpus Christi to follow suit in its revival.  

The Ritz Theatre is open to the public during Art Walks and other downtown festivals such as the Dia de los Muertos festival on Oct. 27.  

To learn more about ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest got to, https://www.quebuenotacofest.com, and for more information about The Ritz Theatre and how you can help in the restoration process, please go to, http://www.ccritz.com. 



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