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Register to Vote Through Snapchat

An example of what one of the filters available through Snapchat on National Voter Registration Day (Sept. 25) Source: Mashable.com 

Harley Fonseca

In this day and age, everyone is reliant on their phones to help with routine things like keeping in touch with family and friends through social media. Well now your phone can also do things like help you register to vote. 

App and website developers have partnered with TurboVote to give their users a direct link to register themselves to vote if they haven’t already. One of the most popular apps using TurboVote is the photo/video sharing app, Snapchat.  

Snapchat is one of the available apps alongside Twitter, Facebook, and Google that gave users the link to quick and simple voter registration right at their fingertips. Source: nytimes.com 

“Voting is like putting on deodorant,” said Junior Theatre major Valerie Richards. “It’s easy, plus it’s really important to the people around you. I think that there’s not a reason to not vote. Social media platforms are now reaching out to us and giving us the opportunity to vote conveniently and help make a difference. Truly, every single vote counts. It’s our way of telling the government ‘Uh, hey! This is what we want, thanks!’ And to become aware of who is making the changes in how we live.”  

Those who are older than 18, eligible to vote and reside in the U.S. were able to see a link to register on their profile on Sept. 25, National Voter Registration Day, to stay ahead of the midterm elections coming up. Snapchat also created their own filters that users can add to their photo albums to encourage their other friends to register as well. Snapchat believes that this new feature will encourage North American users to be motivated to vote due to the low outcome of younger votes from past elections.  

“I think it’s actually kind of sweet,” said Health Science major Bryce Rogers. “It makes registration more accessible and targets the younger audience in the place where they spend most of their time! Plus, we need younger generations to vote, especially now.”   

What users could see before registering to vote through Snapchat. Collaborating with TurboVote, Snapchat is encouraging those who “don’t have time” an easy way to register. Source: Mashable.com

Less than one fifth of 18 to 25 year-olds voted in the last midterm elections in 2014. This inspired Snapchat to follow what other websites and apps were doing: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, even Google were offering links to register in hopes that people could understand the importance behind voting for who you would want to represent this country. 

“I personally think it’s my responsibility as a student to vote,” said Theatre major Shelby Burch, Sophomore. “People always complain about who is in office, but they don’t put in the effort to change it. There’s no excuse not to vote because of how accessible voting registration is. It looks lazy on the younger voting generations since we have the lowest voting average, but the government is paving the path for our future.  

“If we want to see any change in this country, students must start voting and caring about what our government is doing.”  

Voting registration will end on Oct. 9, so if you still haven’t registered, there’s still some time! Early voting starts Oct. 22-Nov. 2, followed by Voting Day on Nov. 6. Voting booths will be available on campus and open to students who qualify to vote in the Nueces County. 


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