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TAMU-CC helping students stay safe on the web with DUO

Photos: Courtesy of TAMU-CC IT Department

Jonathan Garcia

With many cases of cyberattacks seen on the web, TAMU-CC’s Office of Informational Security has come up with a plan to keep students safe.

The university has helped come up with the DUO Security two-factor authentication system to add an extra defense on Blackboard and SAIL accounts. In Spring 2017, faculty and staff were first introduced to this security measure, but due to the phishing attempts on student’s accounts, IT User Support Services assistant director Melissa Asbury saw it was the perfect time for students to use DUO.

“As we saw the phishing attempts hitting students and it was compromising secure data,” said Asbury, “we were automatically forcing students starting in February to use DUO.”

All student workers were all required to use the two-factor authentication alongside the faculty. With major companies such as Google and Sony, DUO will act as a second layer of security.

Besides your login and password, you would also have to have something with you physically to show that it’s you who is accessing your Blackboard or SAIL account.

Setting up your DUO account is easy since it’s an automatic setup and is done by last name.

“Once you go to Blackboard after that point,” said Asbury, “then you get prompted to set up your DUO authentication.”

First step is to put in your Island ID and password, and from there the user will be prompted to either be sent a “push” authentication, phone call/text sent via mobile device or installing the DUO app on Google Play and the App Store.

Another way for students to access DUO is a UF2 token, which you can put on your keychain in case you left your mobile device at home. It allows the user to stick it in their USB port and press it for authentication, gaining access to Blackboard and SAIL. The UF2 tokens will be $20 dollars to purchase, but there will be a way for your to win one for free.

“Each day of the deployment, we give out six tokens away,” said Asbury.

In order to get a chance to win a free UF2 token, you must like the TAMU-CC Information Technology page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Last names A-F have started the DUO authentication on Oct. 24, last names G-M start 9 a.m. on Nov. 7, and N-Z will start 9 a.m. on Nov. 14. For more information or assistance, contact the IT Help desk at 361-825-2692, visit, http://www.ITHelp@tamucc.edu,or stop by CCH 205 for more details.





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