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TAMU-CC’S Pup Rally

Runners with their pets to refuel and hydrate for the rest of the run. Slapping away mosquitos and fighting the humidity, participants (and pets!) were dedicated to finishing the run.

Harley Fonseca


On Sept. 28 in the Hammerhead parking lot, students, staff, and all dog lovers brought their furry friends to participate in the first Pup Rally 5k charity walk (previously named “Paws for a Cause”) to raise money for students who can’t afford a mammogram. 

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, most women and sometimes men forget about the importance of breast exams. Collaborating with First Friday, a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading awareness and education on Breast Cancer, the TAMU-CC Recreational Sports Staff threw together this event to raise money for fellow students.  

Millie, an adorable border collie, sporting her raincoat to keep her fur looking pretty from the drizzle.

First Friday representatives Barbara Little, Joanne Smith and Sara Villarreal were there to represent, announcing at the end of the rally that everyone had raised a total of $615, which would cover eight free mammograms to those who can’t afford it.  

During the run, Psychology major Carlos Hernandez was passing out water to the runners and their pups at the mid-point of the track. Hernandez wasn’t shy to admitting his love for dogs as he filled dog bowls with cold water.  

“I wanted to sign up for this because who doesn’t love dogs?” said Hernandez. “I have dogs too and one (Ace) is actually running with my girlfriend right now. I also wanted to do this to get to see all the different dogs and who they belong to.”  

Hernandez has two dogs, Ace and Bo, as well as a cat, Arrow. “If I could’ve brought them all, I would have,” said Hernandez. “But Bo is in trouble for getting in our trash, but I know he’d love this.” 

Participants in the run were able to donate to the run, choose between two or five kilometers to run, and even make silent bids for adorable little prizes such as a grooming service for their dog or tickets to see a performance of The Addams Family at Harbor Playhouse. Meanwhile, many dogs who came for the run showed so much enthusiasm, probably because there were so many other dogs walking around. 

Recreational Sports faculty member Victor Ioina was more than happy to sign up for the event and could be found petting numerous dogs with the biggest smile on his face. 

“I’ve always liked dogs more than people,” said Ioina. “They’ve always made me happy, plus it’s for such a good cause, you have to help in any way you can.”  



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