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Tea Time: Shane Dawson, The Redeemer

 Jake Paul (left) is the latest subject of Shane Dawson’s (right) YouTube documentary series where he dives into “The Mind of Jake Paul.” With a total of eight videos in the series, Dawson recently released the part six entitled, “The Secrets of Jake Paul.” Source: https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/when-is-shane-dawsons-documentary-on-jake-paul-out-164275

Harley Fonseca

As many of you are aware, Shane Dawson is a well-known YouTuber that started his channel 10 years ago when he was 19 years old by writing sketches and creating different characters that he would play in his one-man videos. It wasn’t until a few months ago when Dawson announced his first YouTube documentary series on controversially YouTubers where he investigates and dives deeper into their lives, that things got more serious. 

Launching the first docu-series, Dawson decided to investigate YouTuber Tana Mongeau who came up with the idea of TanaCon, a convention she tried to create to counter VidCon, the annual YouTube convention that banned Mongeau. TanaCon left fans enraged, sunburnt from waiting outside, dehydrated and received “gift bags” that only contained stickers, a bracelet and a condom.  

Some of these fans of yours are less than 13, Tana. Seriously, what were you thinking? Fans couldn’t trust Mongeau after the incident and Dawson saw it as an opportunity to clear the air and to “get all the facts” about TanaCon, hearing the sides from everyone involved in the failed convention.  

A month later, Dawson released another series after the positive feedback and number of views following the TanaCon series. This time, Dawson focused on the controversial, yet somehow successful makeup artist, Jefferee Star.  

Star has been in headlines for verbally abusing women on the streets, starting fights with supposed best friend (and well-known makeup/tattoo artist) Kat Von D, and even blocking his own fans when they called him out for finding hair embedded in some of his makeup products.  

In this series, Dawson spent the whole day going through the daily routine of Star, getting a full makeover to look more like Star and broke down the controversies the makeup artist has gotten himself into. 

Now that Dawson is currently in the middle of his eight part docu-series with YouTuber Jake Paul, brother of YouTuber Logan Paul, people are wondering if this is some way of redeeming these people for their choices and how they’ve wronged people in the past. This series on Jake Paul had extreme negative feedback when the trailer was first released through Dawson’s Twitter account. Everyone was asking why Dawson chose to give Jake Paul a “redemption” after what his brother did.  

Whether you like or hate the person of interest in the series, you can’t deny that Dawson’s docu-series is very entertaining because Dawson is the type of person that really does want to hear the full story before making accusations. He doesn’t tell his viewers to subscribe to these YouTubers or to support them after everything, he keeps focused on his investigations while keeping up his light-hearted attitude throughout each series, often cracking jokes with his cameraman, Andrew Siwiki. 

The choice is up to you on whether you accept them or not. Dawson is only there to do what he does best: creating the kind of content for his channel that keeps bringing in the views while also giving these people a way to explain themselves. 



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