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Tea Time with Harley: What’s with all these reboots?!

Still from “Seed of Chucky,” released back in 2004. Sure, it was more comedy than horror, but seriously, I don’t need this to come back to theaters. Chucky’s face has had enough and so have I! Source: https://outnow.ch/Movies/2004/SeedOfChucky/Bilder/016

Harley Fonseca

Everyone has their opinions about reboots and sequels, but let’s face it: reboots and multiple sequels are a huge hit or miss and most of the time, they’re not memorable. I mean, look at “Rosanne.” How long did that mess of a reboot last, again? 

Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some amazing sequels, or I guess you can say there has been some “Incredible” ones? Okay, that was a lame segue but come on! When “Incredibles 2” came out, you know you were one of those who saw it opening weekend and felt like a little kid again.   

You also have Miss Lady Gaga singing alongside Bradley Cooper in the fourth — yes, fourth, —reboot of “A Star is Born.” Boyd Holbrook left “Narcos” for “The Predator,” yet another installment added to “The Purge” movie series.  

Promotional still from “Hereditary,” starring left to right: Millie Shapiro as Charlie, Toni Collette as Annie, Gabriel Byrne as Steve, and Alex Wolff as Peter. Source: https://www.wmagazine.com/story/hereditary-movie-cinemascore

Good ol’ Tommy Cruise’s agents somehow got him to do another “Mission Impossible” movie, but please, who’re we kidding? Tom Cruise loves his reboots and sequels. Who saw that reboot of “The Mummy?” Yeah, me neither. Even when I found out that he’s currently filming a sequel of “Top Gun” after its original release 34 years ago, I cackled at my laptop. Alright, look Tommy, I get it, boy’s got to eat. You have to pay the electricity bill after you’ve been sitting in your house re-watching your own movies at some point, right?  

Now, I’m not saying all reboots are a bad idea, just some of these remakes or sequels kind of makes you feel like Hollywood really doesn’t have room for original movies instead. Do we really need a reboot of “The Mighty Ducks?” Another “Chucky the Doll” movie to make me remember why any Cabbage Patch Kid needs to stay within a 10 mile radius from me? No, I don’t want it. I’m pretty sure you all don’t want it. Chucky was literally held together with staples at one point after all the remakes that sack of silicone has been through! 

All I’m saying is that there has been some amazing original writing in movies and sadly, they haven’t received as much support in the box office. Films like “Annihilation,” staring a brilliantly talented cast of women like Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson, “Hereditary” staring Toni Collette in one of the most horrifying movies I’ve probably ever seen, John David Washington starring alongside Adam Driver in Spike Lee’s “BlaKKKlansman” who has always been a brilliant writer/director of his films, and Rami Malek — Mr. Robot himself — will play Freddy Mercury in a biopic called “Bohemian Rhapsody” which looks really promising. 

Obviously, I watch way too many movies, but what can I say? You could always stop watching “Friends” for the 27 time in a row and try watching some of those suggestions Netflix recommends. But hey, we’re not going to get into TV shows now! 


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