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The Advising Corner: COEHD Edition

Image courtesy of College of Education and Human Development/TAMU-CC COEHD Academic Advisors (left to right): David Gonzalez, Jessica Cornish, Brittany Houlihan and Angela Speaker.

College of Education and Human Development
From the College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) Academic Advising Team:

From the College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) Academic Advising Team: Welcome back, Islanders! We hope that you are getting a good start to your fall 2018 semester. If you are a COEHD student, here are some important things you’ll want to keep in mind as you move through this new semester: 

Our advising team consists of four professional advisors who see undergraduate and masters level students based on the first letter of your last name. Find your assigned advisor below and book an appointment with them by calling their direct lines. We’re located in Faculty Center 201, above Starbucks! 

A – F: Jessica Cornish 361-825-2432 

G – Ma: Brittany Houlihan 361-825-5719 

Mb – Ss: David Gonzalez 361-825-2645 

St – Z: Angela Speaker 361-825-2968 

Important Dates
If you believe you qualify for fall 2018 graduation, reach out to your academic advisor to review your degree plan and be sure to apply before the university’s priority deadline of Oct. 5, 2018.  

Degree Planner
Did you know you can view your degree plan to see what classes you still need to take? Visit, http://www.degreeplanner.tamucc.edu, to see your degree plan today and be more prepared for your advising appointments. 

Academic Calendar
Each year, the university publishes an academic calendar where important dates are listed, dates like the last day to drop a course and the last day of classes. Take a look by visiting, http://www.tamucc.edu/academics/calendar/. 

Important Offices for COEHD Majors
For our students seeking teacher certification, you’ll want to be in touch with Carol Pike and/or Rose Zuniga to get all the information you’ll need about passing scores for TSI, the state Content Exams, TB test and background check. Give them a call at 361-825-3074 or 361-825-2433 or stop by FC 201 for a visit. New Department and Location for Interdisciplinary Studies Majors
If your major is in Interdisciplinary Studies, it’s important to note that the department which houses this major has been renamed Curriculum, Instruction and Learning Sciences, or CILS. Also, most all faculty offices for this department have relocated to the Early Childhood Development Center, or ECDC, on campus.  

Program GPA Requirements
Did you know that all majors in the COEHD have a major GPA requirement? For our students seeking teacher certification and our Kinesiology students seeking entry into field experience, this GPA is 2.75. If you think your GPA might be lower than this, visit with your COEHD advisor to get assistance in targeting your course repeats to increase your GPA.  

Keep checking out The Advising Corner in the future for information from other advising offices around campus!


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