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The Student Government Association and the Islander Green Team introduce a Season of Green on the Island.

Lee Pindell, pHd Candidate 

Jonathon Garcia


Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Student Government Association alongside the Islander Green Team hosted a town hall meeting on both Wednesday, Oct. 3, and Thursday, Oct.4, in the Bell Library titled “Season of Green.” The event was to help students focus on creating a sustainable island while improving on an environmental impact.  

This came to Cassandra Scheick’s, SGA Vice President’s, attention when members of the Islander Green Team addressed issues from students about recycling and composting. 

“I thought we should give back to the Islander Green Team and all that they (have) done for this campus by letting them reach out,” said Scheick. 

Scheick also stated that in addition to getting feedback from students, the Islander Green Team also has numerous committees including the Zero Waste Committee. Islander Green Team President Devika Tijerina explains that this committee works to reduce trash output on campus by conducting waste audits every semester around campus.  

“They take the trash from each place and they go through it and look at what could have been composted and recycled,” said Tijerina.  

Tijerina explained from there that they give the numbers to the Environmental Department to show the results from these places showing how many people are sustainable. This includes the beach cleanups the Islander Green Team does every semester, recording data on how much is plastic, cigarette buds and other wastes to show the students. 

One of the points that Tijerina discussed was sustainability, the study of how natural systems function and remain diverse to produce everything it needs for the equality to remain balance but isn’t just about the environment. 

“It’s also about our health as a society and ensuring that no areas of life suffer as a result of environmental legislature,” said Tijerina. “With this, she hopes that this will make the campus sustainable and not putting more trash into the environment. 

Other committees that the Islander Green Team are comprised of is the Garden Compost Committee that provides students to grow their own garden and the Education and Outreach Committee to spread environmental awareness on campus and the community by going to other schools events.  

Scheick hopes that this event gets students behind this cause and letting the administration know about it to help reduce the waste going around campus.  

“By the students rallying behind this initiative,” said Scheick, “we can decrease our environmental impact.” 


Devika Tijerina, Islander Green Team President 


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