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Upcoming election: Congressional Candidate James Duerr

Image courtesy of duerrforcongress.com/James Duerr James Duerr is the Congressional Candidate for District 27.

Matthew Tamez

James Duerr is an independent candidate vying to become the next Congressman to represent the 27th District of Texas, which includes Corpus Christi.  

Duerr petitioned and successfully got his name on the ballot to run as an Independent, according to the Secretary of State’s office. 

The seat was vacated after Congressman Blake Farenthold, R, resigned in April after a sexual harassment scandal.  

Incumbent Michael Cloud won a special election to replace Farenthold, and is now the Republican nominee. Duerr will also face Democrat Eric Holguin and Libertarian Daniel Tinus in the Nov. 6 general election. 

Duerr was born and raised in Corpus Christi and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Ocean Engineering. Previously, Duerr served on the Del Mar Board of Regents as well as for the Nueces County Appraisal District. 

Duerr says he values education above all else. “Education is my numero uno,” he said in a phone interview with Island Waves. He is referring to himself as the “education congressman,” and one of his major goals being to lower dropout rates amongst high schoolers.  

According to Duerr, the Republican nominee Cloud was backed by a Super PAC known as “Clubs for Growth.” Duerr says he is strongly against Washington D.C. choosing their candidates for us and supports the idea of a local Texan taking this seat. “Congressmen need focus,” Duerr said.  

He does not believe in spending other people’s money and says he will work with the other members of Congress to make sure that the needs of his constituents are met. Duerr maintains that his work with the DMC Board of Regents and the Appraisal District have given him the skills to work with others while not letting people get away with selfish actions. According to Duerr, 39 out of 40 people are independent first and party second.  

“This will be a catalyst,” he says, adding that an independent candidate getting elected will shake things up for the country. Duerr had said that he is running because of the Washington Super PAC, feeling it just wasn’t right.  

Duerr points to his leadership skills from his myriad of experiences both in Corpus Christi and even out of country in the Philippines. He is confident that he will be able to represent the people of the 27th Congressional District of Texas.  

We will feature interviews with other Congressional candidates as the election draws near. 



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