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Zeta Tau Alpha hosts Big Man on Campus to raise money for breast cancer awareness

Pic 1: Contestants on stage of Big Man On Campus. Photo by Ariana Aloia 

Miguel Gutierrez

Zeta Tau Alpha held their 6th annual Big Man on Campus event on Oct. 17. The event consisted of 14 students competing for the title Big Man on Campus, raising between $7,000 to $8,000 for breast cancer awareness. 

The contestants answered questions, performed a choregraphed dance, shared their best pick up line, dressed in several different outfits and were asked to reveal an interesting fact about breast cancer.  

This event was organized in part by Laurrel Huffman, Junior and Director of Philanthropy for Zeta Tau Alpha. 

“I’m kind of there to help us raise funds for breast cancer educational awareness,” said Huffman, “so I put on big events like this.”   

Huffman gave insight to what goes into planning an event like this saying. 

“That involves booking the ballroom,” said Huffman, “giving out contestant forms, going to talk to guys about being possible contestants and reaching out to businesses locally to sponsor us because that’s where we get the money to do it and give back.”  

According to Huffman, there were around 200 tickets sold. Between the ticket sales, entry fees and sponsors, Huffman said that they raised between $7,000 and $8,000 in support of breast cancer awareness. 

“Our organization doesn’t see it at all,” said Huffman. “We send it straight to Breast Cancer Educational Awareness. 

“It’s kind of our tradition. It’s something that a lot of people who know about it look forward to, and it’s something we look forward to. And since we have been doing it so long, every year our crowd base gets bigger.”  

Zeta Tau Alpha does plan on continuing the event next year.  




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