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Kanye West’s political involvement

Just after being released from a hospitalization days before, West was seen having a photo-op with Trump outside Trump Tower, confusing the Internet and other celebrities. Source: https://wqad.com/2018/10/11/president-trump-kanye-west-to-have-white-house-lunch/ 

Harley Fonseca

Rapper Kanye West has made headlines for multiple and completely random reasons. West has lately made an impression in the political world.  

West has become very good friends with President Donald Trump since 2016, declaring to fans during his concerts that, “If I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump.” West even featured a look alike of Trump in his “Famous” music video and constantly tweeted his praise for the MAGA campaign. 

Meanwhile, many have expressed their confusion of West’s involvement with Trump since West admitted to not even voting during the 2016 presidential election. West was hospitalized back in December of 2016 and had a photo-op just days later with Trump outside Trump’s tower in New York. 

“My first impression of him was seeing this young man who strived for success,” said Dr. Anantha Babbili, Communications professor who has mentioned to his classes numerous times about meeting a young West before stardom. “You know, he was just beginning his career, stepping into the music industry by barely making an impact at that point. At Middle Tennessee State, it has the largest recording program, and I just so happened to be the dean of that program at the time. 

“Kanye West, was a very modest, respectful and an endearing type of person when I met him. Talent wise, I’ve always thought he was very brilliant, very ahead of his time, even.”  

Others have been worried about West’s mental health after his meltdown when he visited the TMZ set, stating that slavery was a choice.  

“I believe what signaled his political immaturity,” said Babbili, “it was his meltdown at TMZ headquarters when he said slavery was a choice. Socially, it was vastly ignorant of a statement. It showed just how his public perception is perceived to us as American citizens. In a way, he defiled himself by pulling this public stunt. Really, it was the beginning of his questionable presence in the political landscape. My advice: Stick to music.” 

Recently, West has announced he will finally be separating himself from politics, releasing multiple tweets where he claimed he was being used to promote political agendas. 

“My eyes are now wide open,” West tweeted. “And now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative!” 


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