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‘Pinstripe Harry’s Tea Room Cabaret’ opera was a resounding success

The full cast of “Pinstripe Harry’s Tea Room Cabaret” take a bow at the end of their performance. Photo by Matthew Tamez 

Matthew Tamez

Our very own Dr. Ellen Denhan, assistant professor of Music, has crafted a wonderfully witty story with some catchy tunes and memorable dialogue.  

“Pinstripe Harry’s Tea Room Cabaret” made its world debut over the weekend here at TAMU-CC. The story follows a night in the life of the workers at a speakeasy for those wishing to have entertainment and booze during the age of prohibition. With many shenanigans such as a supposedly French singer who is in fact from America, a lover’s spat and a possible leak in the secrecy that surrounds an establishment such as their own, the workers and visitors of the cabaret have a long night ahead of them.  

“Pinstripe Harry’s Tea Room Cabaret” was a charming original creation from Denhan. With a huge amount of hard work put into this production, the actors and singers were on point the entire night. Not a single note missed, nary a line flubbed. Those who worked on this production have much to be proud of.  

Special mention goes to Kurt Wilkinson’s character of Rocky who brought a wonderful amount of humor to the production.  

This reviewer is looking forward to what the department will put on next, and what Denhan will create in the future.  




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