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Tea Time with Harley: Alec Attacks!

Baldwin is known for portraying Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live.” After the alleged fight, Trump took the opportunity to tweet about it, probably while eating a pudding cup or something. 

Harley Fonseca

When you hear Alec Baldwin’s name, many of you may think of that jerk from “Cat in the Hat” or “30 Rock.” Baldwin has even made a huge impact in media ever since he first impersonated Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” but recently, Baldwin made headlines for other reasons.  

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’d see that good ol’ Alec had gotten himself into a bit of a scuffle this weekend, and you wouldn’t believe the reason for this stupid fight. Now you’re probably guessing it was because this guy slashed Alec’s tire or called his kids ugly, something like that, but no. It was over a parking spot. 

As we all know from experience, finding a parking spot can be one of the most frustrating things when coming to campus. I’m sure we’ve all gotten upset over parking spots, but I don’t think there’s ever been a fight over one.  

Just when Alec Baldwin was starting to get on my good side, this ridiculousness happens. Like, sir, Mr. Baldwin, you are 60-years-old. I understand that New York has unbelievable traffic and parking can be a pain, but to get in a fight with someone over a parking spot? Wow.  

To make matters worse, it has been said that the guy Baldwin fought with is allegedly a man named Wojciech Cieszkowski, who just so happened to have survived the Boston Marathon bombing back in 2013. Alec … this just doesn’t look good, man! 

Also, did you forget that oh, I don’t know, you’re a celebrity? You’re on “Saturday Night Live” impersonating Trump and you go and do something like this? What, like people wouldn’t recognize you? This guy ended up going to the hospital so of course paparazzi are going to get a statement from Cieszkowski.  

Now Alec claims no punches were thrown, but it’s really this guy’s word against Alec’s. Look, Alec, whether you punched the guy or not, it still got you arrested, my man. Of all things to fight over, a parking spot is just sad. What’s even more sad is that I just want to know who ended up getting the parking spot. 


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