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Things to consider before dropping a class

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By Cari Reed
Anchor Team Academic Advisor

When is the drop deadline?
The last day to drop a course for the fall 2018 semester is Friday, Nov. 9. Courses must be dropped in person at the registrar’s office located in the Student Services building. Students that drop a course after the posted census date for a term will receive a grade of “W” on their transcript. A grade of “W” will not impact your GPA. However, courses that you drop post census date do count towards total attempted hours and will affect your completion rate for financial aid and total attempted hours for excessive hours.

Is dropping the best option?
Before you decide to drop a course, you should meet with the professor to discuss your plans to drop their course. Your professor can help you decide if dropping their class is the best option for you at this time.

Is the course a pre-requisite or required for your degree?
Dropping a pre-requisite course can impact your ability to progress in your degree. Make sure you understand the course sequencing for your major before you decide to drop a course. If you drop a required course, it may delay your graduation.

Can you afford to drop the course?
Dropping a course can affect your financial aid and scholarship eligibility for the current semester as well as future semesters. It is always best to speak with the financial aid and scholarship offices before you decide to drop a class.

Do you need to maintain full-time enrollment status?
If dropping the course will cause you to drop below full-time status (12 credits in the fall and spring semesters) you need to be aware of any consequences this could have on your eligibility to participate in certain programs, receive financial aid or maintain scholarship eligibility.

Do you know about the Six-Drop Rule?
Beginning fall 2007, all first-time college students enrolled at any Texas public institution are limited to six course drops during their academic career. Any course a student drops after the posted census date is counted towards the six-course limit unless specifically identified as being exempt. For more information visit, https://registrar.tamucc.edu/Academic%20Policies/6drop.

Are you aware of the Three-peat fee?
A three-peat is a course that has been taken three or more times at any Texas public institution of higher education. If you attempt a course three or more times you will be charged a $100.00/credit hour fee on top of the tuition and fees you pay for the course.

Are you struggling with the course or your course load?
Your mental and physical health always come first. Is your current course load too much? Are you struggling to balance the demands of school, work and other obligations? Meeting with your Academic Advisor can help you work through some of these considerations and help connect you with on-campus resources. Your Academic Advisor will be able to inform you of how dropping a course will affect your progression in your degree.  


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