New Life Church Members Speak Out on Controversial Preacher Man Incident at TAMU-CC


Photo courtesy of Tarik Whitmore.

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, some students gave their life to Jesus and were baptized after hearing New Life Church explain their belief regarding God’s word.

“This man preached an incomplete truth. Although some of his words were true and biblical, some were not. It is true that God hates sin and that sin leads to death, but it is also true that God is forgiving, merciful, and loving. God does love everybody, and He is ready and willing to forgive all who turn to Him,” the New Life Church Young Adults Pastor, Tarik Whitmore, stated in response to the preacher man incident. 

On Feb. 8, Brother Matt, an ordained preacher who visits Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi to preach the gospel, preached on campus at the Hector P. Garcia Plaza. Some students protested against his message and were offended by his preaching methods. 

“The way he is preaching is absolutely ridiculous and damaging to all of us who are trying to live out our faith. He’s just spreading hate and it’s embarrassing for all of us Christians. He doesn’t care about preaching the word of God, he just wants to create chaos and riots,” Ashley Mitchell, a freshman art major at TAMU-CC, exclaimed. 

After the backlash against the preacher’s message, some students gathered at the Hector P. Garcia Plaza later that night and raised their hands as they worshiped God. (Photo courtesy of Tarik Whitmore.)

On a similar note, Jossette Gonzales, a freshman biology major at TAMU-CC, stated “he is twisting the scripture from the Bible into his own words, so he can hear what he wants to hear instead of what God has to say. It’s awful because someone like that is making all Christians look bad. He’s just spreading hate and that’s not what God is about. We’re taught to love everyone.” 

After the preacher man incident occurred, Christians from the New Life Church gathered at the Hector P. Garcia Plaza that night to spread their version of the gospel.

 “After witnessing the aggressive event, we thought there needed to be a response to what was happening. We invited everyone to join us in worshiping and praising Jesus on campus. Over 100 students joined us and many decided to give their life to Jesus and were water baptized,” Tarik said. 

Although the New Life Church members disagree with the preacher’s approach, they believe the incident provided a good opportunity to preach their beliefs regarding the gospel. “The man delivered only half of the message, but I am glad that New Life Church students stepped up to explain the truth. One student testified about how God changed his life when he was caught up in sin and explained God’s mercy. After this, everyone clapped and cheered, including the non-Christian students. This is evidence that the spirit gives life when the complete truth is preached” Tarik stated. “Our church appreciates that this man was out here, because it gave us an opportunity to take an evil situation and turn it into something good. Around eight people were baptized and it was beautiful,” Maks Moore, a sophomore general business major at TAMU-CC, stated. 

On Wednesday, Feb. 9, Pastor Tarik Whitmore told the story of the preacher man incident at a New Life Church service and prayed over the university. “I mentioned the preacher man chaos, but I mainly spoke on how God loves TAMU-CC and wants students to be saved. I hope everyone knows that not all Christians are judgmental or act like that man did,” Tarik stated.

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