Men’s Basketball Battles for Homecoming Win

Simon Fryer (22) defends the TAMU-CC Islanders as his opponent looks to pass the ball.

The men’s basketball program battled back and forth for a Homecoming 83-76 win against Northwestern State at the American Bank Center on Feb. 19. 

The Islanders are now 9-3 in the Southland Conference and 17-10 overall. TAMU-CC had to fight resiliently and work hard to win their homecoming game, with the arena packed full of students, alumni, ex players, and more after the team lost a couple of their past games. 

“Today shows a lot about the character of the guys, and how hard they are working and what good people they are,” said Head Men’s Basketball coach Steve Lutz. 

Both teams were neck to neck as Northwestern State was leading by 36-35 at the end of the first half. In the second half, TAMU-CC was able to take a lead of 56-45 in the beginning, but the Demons took advantage and were leading with 63-58. At the end of the second half, junior Terrion Murdiz was fouled and ended up making four free throws in total. With 17.9 seconds left on the clock, the Islanders managed to hold the Demons by playing defense. 

Coach Lutz continues by saying that the fun part about being a college basketball coach is the gamesmanship, along with the fight back and forth to see who can gain the advantage to end the game. 

“You just hope that you come out on top but, you know, that’s what it’s about,” Lutz said. 

Four of the student athletes managed to score in double-figures this homecoming game. Junior Isaac Mushila with 17 points and 12 rebounds, junior Trevian Tennyson with 11 points, junior Terrion Murdix with 20 points, and senior De’Lazarus Keys with 14 points and nine rebounds. With this game the Islanders were ranked 11th in the nation for their offensive rebounds, and Mushila ranked 10th in the country for his rebounds. 

Tennyson, guard for the Islanders, has been able to make three-pointers in each game, which makes it his 17th time scoring double-figures. 

“We just stayed together, like most teams would crumble and break, so it was just like we never broke anything,” Tennyson said. “We’re still together at the same energy, same fight. We haven’t had the same fight that we did in the beginning of the year, and I feel like today we’re bringing that back.” 

Overall, the Islanders have made nine steals, 48 rebounds, 15 turnovers, and achieved a field goal percentage of .385. TAMU-CC will be traveling to Lake Charles for their next game against McNeese on Feb. 24 at 7 p.m.