The U.S Army Jazz Ambassadors Bring a Night of Soulful Jazz to TAMU-CC


Photo courtesy of Brandon Morin.

The U.S Army Jazz Ambassadors playing their second song of the night “All of Me” by Seymour Simons and Henry Nemo, arr. Billy Byers.

As the 2021-2022 Furgason BRAVO! series continues to present musical talents around the nation, the U.S Army Jazz Ambassadors became the third artist to be featured in the ongoing musical series on the night of Feb. 15, as part of their Spring 2022 National Outreach Tour. 

The U.S Army Jazz Ambassadors, known as “America’s Big Band,” performed 10 songs throughout the night, each with a unique sound differentiating from the last, as the group added a soulful livelihood into their work. 

Some highlights of the night included a song played only by the rhythm section of the group, a trio piece, an intense percussion solo by Staff Sergeant Wesley Anderson which lasted for several minutes, and an encore. As the night came to a close, the Jazz Ambassadors paid homage to all audience members who served their time in the military with a jazz rendition of the “Armed Forces Salute.” 

The U.S Army Jazz Ambassadors playing their second song of the night “All of Me” by Seymour Simons and Henry Nemo, arr. Billy Byers. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Morin.)

This was followed by a powerful performance of “America the Beautiful,” with the majority of the audience on their feet, singing along with the group’s vocalist, Sergeant First Class Randy Wight. Ending with a standing ovation from the crowd, an encore was called for by the crowd who wanted more from the group.

The U.S Army Jazz Ambassadors are one of the four organizations within the United States Field Band in Washington, D.C., alongside the Six-String Soldiers, the Concert Band, and the Soldiers’ Chorus. They are known as the “premier touring musical representative for the United States Army.”

In regards to the U.S. Army Field Band as a group, U.S. Army Major General Allan M. Pepin said “the soldiers performing today represent the Total Army Force—those deployed and forward stationed—committed in over 140 countries around the world who defend our nation and its interests.” 

The U.S. Army Field Band is currently on their Spring 2022 National Outreach tour, performing in select states such as Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and more. According to General Pepin, audiences can expect an entertaining performance from the group. 

“They also represent our Nation’s Veterans through their musical excellence, electrifying performances, and patriotic spirit,” Pepin said. “I’m confident their performances will both inspire and entertain you.” 

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