Egnal Creates Some ‘Friday Night Delight’ to Close Out His Senior Year


Photo courtesy of Friday Night Delight Facebook page.

Daniel Egnal, star, producer, and writer of the film “Friday Night Delight,” checks the footage to see if the shot was a good take.

For senior media production major Daniel Egnal, the sky was the limit when creating his first feature-length film before graduating this spring. 

Friday Night Delight is a movie in which Egnal stars, writes, and produces. It started off as a short film, with an Indiegogo page that has garnered $8,067 in donations and 53 people who backed the project. 

Director Devon Welch (left) speaks with Judy McMillan, Daniel Egnal, and Gabriel Lee about how to approach the scene and gives tips on how to make it believable in the feature film “Friday Night Delight.” (Photo courtesy of Friday Night Delight Facebook page.)

When the cast and crew finished shooting, they felt good about how it came out, but once they got to the editing process, Egnal was surprised to see that what they shot was too long for a short film, which is usually around 40 minutes or less. 

“We shot the whole thing, and we felt good about it after we left, but once we started editing it, it was way too long,” Egnal said. “When it’s too long, it can’t go into film festivals.”

However, the editing setback was a blessing in disguise, as Egnal and the crew felt that they could improve upon what they had. They had a chance to iron out some issues, and with the production budget doubling, the answer was clear: to go from a short film to a feature film.

“We were like, ‘let’s do this, let’s make it better,’ we know what we did wrong last time, and we can make it better,” Egnal said.

These improvements combined with the added length gave them a chance to go back and flesh out certain scenes, give characters more depth, and tighten up the writing process on the script.

Daniel Egnal (left) and Gabriel Lee are having their lines read to them in order to help act the scene out in the making of Friday Night Delight. (Photo courtesy of Friday Night Delight Facebook page.)

The film centers around Amir (Egnal) and Ethan (Gabriel Lee), who are two best friends who recently graduated from high school that look for a way out of their mundane lives with aid from a Gulf War veteran, but their ticket to do so isn’t something that can just be done easily.

“Their ticket is in the form of stealing the most expensive stolen painting in the world,” Egnal said.

Egnal emphasizes that while this is an art-heist movie, the film at its core is a coming-of-age story that puts Ethan and Amir at the forefront of their journey into becoming adults.

Assistant Professor of Media Arts Scott Thurman, who also served as one of the producers of the film, knew Egnal had the talent when he first saw his work in his Intro to Media Production class.

“When he produced his first music video, I knew he was going to make it,” Thurman said. “He spent a lot of time in high school making little short videos with his friends, and already operating at a high level.”

Thurman also admires Egnal’s drive, and that when he sets his mind to doing something, Egnal achieves that goal while exceeding every expectation. 

Egnal plans to make a film by himself with no budget for his next project, and has made it clear that this won’t be the last we hear from him.

“This is the beginning,” Egnal said. “This is what I want to do with my life, I want to make art, especially in the form of digital moving pictures.”

Although no official release date is confirmed, Egnal encourages everyone to follow the Friday Night Delight page on Facebook and Instagram for updates behind the scenes, and the film’s release date.