TAMU-CC Makes Waves by Doubling Income Cap for the Islander Guarantee Program


Photo courtesy of Edgar De La Garza.

TAMU-CC President Dr. Kelly Miller announced the Island’s expanded tuition guarantee program.

TAMU-CC’s Islander Guarantee Program will now reach more students than ever, as it will cover the tuition and fees for incoming students with incomes under $125,000, as specified through their FAFSA application. 

Dr. Kelly M. Miller, TAMU-CC president and CEO, announced the news during the Mar. 26 Island Day to a crowd of over 1,600 people. According to the university’s press release, “the Islander Guarantee, designed to serve Pell Grant-eligible students, is now at the highest level of all comparable award programs among public universities in Texas.” 

Prospective Islanders and their families were met with promising financial news at the March 23 Island Day. (Photo courtesy of Edgar De La Garza.)

 The 2022 increase marks the second time the Islander Guarantee Program had doubled its previous income cap, with the first time being in 2018 when the cap increased from $30,000 to $60,000. The new increase raises the previous cap from $60,000 to $125,000 and will take place beginning in Fall 2022. According to the press release, over 500 more Islanders are anticipated to receive funding every Fall due to the increase.

Although the new income cap acts as a massive step for income equity at TAMU-CC, it only applies to incoming students for Fall 2022 and the classes coming after. This means that current Islanders will not see any change in their aid packages, and that the old $60,000 cap will still apply.

To be eligible, students must be Texas residents, enrolled in 15 hours per semester, enrolled for their first undergraduate degree, maintain a 2.5 GPA, submit a FAFSA application annually by April 1, and be PELL Grant eligible. The 15 credit enrollment requirement aligns with the university’s “Finish-in-4” initiative. The program covers mandatory tuition and fees for those eligible in the spring and fall semesters, but does not include housing, books, a meal plan, or coverage for alternate terms.