Lizzo Releases Yitty to Make Women Feel ‘Good as Hell’


Photo courtesy of Yitty.

From left to right, dancer Chawnta’ Marie, professional manicurist Eri Ishizu, dance artist Grace Holden, influencer Lexo Darealo, Lizzo, and hair stylist Shelby Swain celebrate Yitty.

Lizzo is mainly known for being an advocate of body positivity on her platforms, and encourages women to accept their body and be comfortable loving every part of themselves. 

On March 30, Lizzo announced that she collaborated with Fabletics Inc. as they launched ‘Yitty’, which is a new shapewear line that is available in all sizes that range from XS to 6X. Yitty features bras, shorts, leggings, tops, one-pieces, and more for women to shop from.

Lizzo is seen in her Mesh Me smoothing sleeved thong bodysuit that retails for $84.95 and comes in four different colors. (Photo courtesy of Yitty.)

Lizzo’s goal for Yitty is to allow women to feel comfortable in their bodies by referring to shapewear as bodywear that creates this sense of embracing one’s body. Lizzo’s intention is not to change the way women’s bodies look, but for society to accept their body type in all shapes and sizes according to The New York Times.

According to US Weekly, Lizzo stated how she has been wearing restrictive shapewear since the sixth grade, and she decided to take on the challenge to create shapewear that women would feel confident in wearing. 

Everyone’s size is just their size,” Lizzo said. “It’s not high, it’s not low. It’s not big, it’s not small. It’s just your size.” 

Lizzo fans, also known as Lizzbians, have been leaving their reactions on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, regarding the announcement of Yitty on April 12. Fans left comments on Yitty’s Instagram page and said that “it’s wonderful to see that someone finally thought of shapewear for all sizes. It’s time to show the world real people and true sizes.” 

Many fans spoke of the experiences they had with other shapewear brands that have no selection of different sizes, or feeling uncomfortable having to fit in with beauty standards the media portrays. Instagram user Brook Seibert left a comment on Yitty’s page and spoke on how Lizzo as an influencer allows women to feel like they don’t have to meet standards. Yizzy is giving women the opportunity to redefine beauty standards and be able to empower women no matter what their size may be. 

 “You are the best influence this world has ever seen for body acceptance,” Seibert said. 

Women of all sizes struggle to find clothes that make them feel comfortable embracing their body and not feel ashamed of the way that they look. Fans believe that Yitty is the best thing Lizzo could have done when it comes to having a variety of sizes. Health science major at TAMU-CC Arline Benitez, who’s a mother, stated how she loves how Lizzo created Yitty for every body type.

“I believe every woman, regardless of body type, should get a chance to find clothes that are “trending” at the moment,” Benitez said. “I love how she reinvented these shapewears clothing since I feel so insecure with my mommy tummy.” 

Fans will be able to purchase Yitty through and at Fabletics stores including their online website. What are your thoughts on Yitty?