Islander Athletics Partner With Local Breweries for Branded Beers

On the left, Stephanie Schmidt, Director of Student Activities at TAMU-CC, talks with a friend (on the right) about the new Islander Wave beer while drinking at Lazy Beach Brewing and Cafe.

After months of hard work, Islander Athletics launched a partnership with Lazy Beach and Lorelei Brewing Company, which are local alumni-run breweries here in Corpus Christi.

This innovative launch will support the Islander Athletics Fund and student-athletes with every purchase of unique Islander branded beers. 

The collaboration promotes responsible drinking for the 21 and up crowd, according to athletic director Jon Palumbo. The idea was brought up by associate athletic director/chief revenue officer Josiah Castro. He believes this partnership is a great way to continue to promote Islander Athletics within these two breweries. Palumbo is excited that a portion of the proceeds made will be going towards the student-athletes for help with scholarships. 

“I hope that [people] understand that it’s supporting the Islanders anytime you buy one of these beers,” Palumbo said. “A portion of the sales kind of come back to the athletic department, and we’re really investing that money into our student athletes and helping them pay for their education. Again, drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, and just enjoy.” 

Lazy Beach created a beer called Islander Wave, which is a cold style beer that is a lighter, more drinkable beer that’s perfect for sweating on the beach according to ‘09 owner Cory Mathews. People may purchase Islander Wave for the price of $5 for a 16 oz. Wife of Cory, ‘08 Jessica Matthews spoke on how Castro contacted them to be a part of this launch, knowing that alcohol is a sensitive topic, especially in college. She continued by saying how difficult partnering with a college this quickly is, but that Castro showed them that this partnership could work. 

Jessica was able to come to TAMU-CC on a scholarship, and she said that it’s exciting being able to give back to students to do the same things she was able to achieve here in Corpus Christi.  

“I hope [people] know that it’s going and helping students not only fulfill their athletic dreams, but they get to go to school to gain a better education,” Mathews said. “It’s all about that.”

Lorelei Brewing Company added Shaka Blonde to their menu, and it can be described as an easy-drinking blonde ale, a bit of munich malt, a bit of wheat with a citrus flavor to it, and hints of sea salt. For those who are interested, this citrus style beer can be purchased for $5.41.

Trevor Belicek ‘15,  part owner/lead brewer, loved the idea of partnering with Islander Athletics due to playing baseball from 2012-2015 when he was in school. Once he heard about the approval to add Shaka Blonde to the menu he was pleased to give back to the community by being able to fund student-athlete scholarships. 

“I can do what I love, make beer, and I can give back to the community,” Belicek said. “At the end of the day when we sell so much, [the] proceeds will go to a scholarship to some future athlete.” 

Currently the beers can be found only at the breweries. Islander Athletics is working with breweries to distribute beer into stores, Whataburger Field, and the American Bank Center in the future.