Preview: Calmus Presents “Just Voices” at TAMU-CC


Photo courtesy of the Official Calmus Website.

The five members of Calmus (left to right) Friedrich Bracks, Anja Pöche, Manuel Helmeke, Maria Kalmbach, and Ludwig Böhme.

After their last concert in Corpus Christi in 2016, Germany-based Acappella group Calmus returns for their first U.S. tour since the COVID-19 pandemic to take the stage at TAMU-CC’s Performing Arts Center on April 29 as the final act for the 2021-2022 Furgason BRAVO! Series. 

For their program called “Just Voices,” the sounds of different musical eras take the audience on a journey through time, performing pieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods by Claudio Monteverdi and Johann Sebastian Bach to Romanticism with pieces by Felix Mendelssohn and Johannes Brahms. 

Different styles of music are expected to be heard throughout the night as well, with “virtuoso motets, frivolous madrigals, and tenderly melting songs.” A series of jazz song arrangements by Leonard Cohen, Freddie Mercury, and Bobby McFerrin will close off the night. 

Baritone vocalist of the group, Ludwig Böhme, mentioned how the concert will also be a journey of emotions. “The sacred works sing praise or ask for protection,” Böhme said. “The secular works sing of longing and happiness, of love and nature, and the virtuoso arrangements bring everything into the right swing with a smile and a wink!” 

Böhme expressed the group’s excitement about performing for the first time at the Performing Arts Center for a new audience, as well as their hopes of putting on a successful concert. “We hope that our concert will be a success,” Böhme said. “With a wonderful audience, healthy artists, warm Texas weather, and an unforgettable evening for everybody!”

Calmus made their debut in 2010 at Carnegie Hall, New York. Since then, the quintet has earned several international awards such as the Opus Klassik, the Echo Klassik, and Supersonic Award. They have expanded their outreach over the years, performing throughout Europe and the Americas. Part of their travels includes hosting workshops for the upcoming generation of musicians. 

Böhme left some inspiring words to musicians currently studying and/or working towards improving their skills and mentioned some skills musicians must possess. “First: talent. Second: diligence. Third: authenticity.” As one of the founding members of the group, Böhme also gives his thoughts about his journey being in Calmus. 

“Looking back on the 23 years of Calmus,” Böhme said, “I must say – sometimes it was just fun and easy. But sometimes it was really hard. But I always can rely on my “engine”: a passion for music.”