Glammin’ With Gabi: Beauty Brands Dropping New Makeup Collabs


Photo courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics.

ColourPop Cosmetics’ Disney’s Winnie the Pooh collection is available only online as of now.

New makeup collections are trending as makeup lovers are getting their wallets ready to purchase these products this spring. 

Modern beauty brands take inspiration from food, Disney, Nickelodeon, Barbie, and more to make collections out of. The truth is, we want it all, so here is a rundown on what brands are trending and dropping makeup that’s new.  

Currently E.L.F.’s Runs on Dunkin’s collection is on sale for 30% off on (Photo courtesy of E.L.F Cosmetics and Dunkin’.)

E.L.F. is best known for their affordable drugstore makeup, and now the brand is getting creative by dropping collections such as Cookies N’ Dreaming, which are Oreo-themed products. Now they have announced their limited edition collaboration with Dunkin’ that included eyeshadow sets, lip glosses, their iconic putty primer that now smells like donuts, a donut beauty blender, and a few more products. 

TikTok creator/makeup artist Mikayla Nogueria, who’s known to do product reviews and makeup tutorials, posted on TikTok that this was the collab of her dreams. A few days later after reviewing the PR collection, she posted another TikTok on becoming the face of E.L.F.’s Runs on Dunkin’ collection to showcase the products that are available to be purchased online and at Ulta Beauty. 

“This collection literally makes me so freaking happy,” Nogueria said. “I just knew that when this collection launched, it was going to sell out.”

ColourPop Cosmetics is known to collaborate with popular franchises including Star Wars, Lizzie McGuire, NBA, Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, and more. Recently, ColourPop Cosmetics collaborated with Disney to create a Winnie the Pooh collection that features an inspired eyeshadow palette, super shock highlighters, lip glosses, and a lip mask/scrub duo. This gives consumers plenty of nostalgia and leaves them wanting the entire collection.

The makeup lovers left comments on ColourPop’s Cosmetics Instagram page and said “this is nostalgia on a whole other level.” Other reviewers said “Excited and love it. Bring back my childhood memories.” 

Wet N Wild is next on the list for having creative collaborations this spring. The brand released a Care Bear collection that is filled with a vibrant lineup of several products. When I first saw the products on social media, it felt like my childhood was coming back to life. These new products include colorful beauty blenders, false lashes, setting spray, rainbow eyeshadow palette, blush, and more that make you want to purchase the entire set. 

HipDot is another beauty brand with an imagination full of endless possibilities in the beauty industry. The brand introduced their collaboration with JoJo Siwa, which encourages consumers to express themselves. The collection features  two different palettes, lip sets, and makeup brushes. 

“Such an amazing collection,” Mackenziesiwanator said on Instagram. “I love JoJo so much. She is such an inspiration.” 

There’s a lot in store for beauty brands this year as they create new collections that catch our attention. What are some collaborations you want to see happen next?