Viral TikTok Draws Attention to Health Risks Associated with Pregnancy


Photo courtesy of TikTok user @yuniquethoughts//

The TikTok features a list of 261 cons of pregnancy and childbirth including constant fever, back pain, bleeding gums, constipation, and more.

In a viral TikTok with 623.2k likes, a TikTok user warns viewers to “take their daily birth control” as she lists 261 reasons why she does not want to have any more children. The user who created the video, @yuniquethoughts, also displays her postpartum sagging breast tissue in response to a viewer’s comment about her skin.

The list of reasons why women should not have children included “must pay for expensive insurance for kids and expensive childcare; kids smell bad, scream in grocery stores, wake up every 2 hours, and throw random tantrums,” as cons of having a child.

TikTok user shows her sagging breast tissue after pregnancy prior to displaying a list of cons of pregnancy and childbirth. (Photo courtesy of TikTok user @yuniquethoughts//)

Students at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi shared their opinion on the viral TikTok. 

“I agree with her, children are extremely expensive. Women have things other than pregnancy to focus on in their lives, and having kids is a huge responsibility,” Kate Gomez, a senior marine biology major, said. “I think if women want to focus on themselves first and contribute to society in some way other than becoming a mother, then that’s great. There’s nothing negative about that, in my opinion.” 

Selena Mata-Moreno, a sophomore accounting major, stated that current social issues and her status as a student attribute to her not wanting to have a child. 

“I understand where she’s coming from, kids are expensive and definitely difficult to put up with. As a student, I couldn’t imagine having a baby while going to school… there’s absolutely no way I could do it,” Mata-Moreno said. “I also could not fathom bringing a daughter into this world with everything that’s going on in the news, like the Texas Heartbeat Act and the overturning of Roe V. Wade.” 

Along with drawing attention to the potential expense and hassle of raising a child, the video also highlighted several pregnancy health-related issues that may discourage women from giving birth. The list included morning sickness, hemorrhage, preeclampsia, urinary tract infections, ovarian cysts, kidney failure, and other health risks associated with pregnancy. 

Some viewers disagreed with the video’s claims. “Nah, I had three kids and none of that happened to me,” said TikTok user @adiaozna. “Girl, skin sagging also happens without childbirth. It’s called aging,” said TikTok user @frigolesgenial. 

The Director of the TAMU-CC University Health Center, Zelda Y. Chacon, RN,

FNP-BC, pointed out how easily health misinformation may be spread online, and emphasized the importance of seeking professional medical advice about health concerns. 

“Misinformation and fear should not be a barrier for any woman wanting to have a baby, but planning is key. Having a visit with a doctor about your health history, immunization history, medications, and any current medical conditions is a great place to begin and crucial to a successful pregnancy,” Chacon said. “A woman’s body goes through changes during the pregnancy; however, preparing the body and mind for those changes will make the transition smoother. Social media does not replace the advice of your doctor, and remember that those posting on social media are not always experts in that field.”  


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