Glammin’ With Gabi: ‘Daydreaming’ of ‘Harry’s House’ Review


Photo courtesy of Columbia Records.

The album cover of ‘Harry’s House’ was released on March 23 and millions of fans were ready to listen to a more mature Harry.

For Harry Styles fans, the “Fine Line” era has officially ended with the release of ‘Harry’s House’ on May 20. The album serves as an ode to Styles’ journey of searching for and finding his home and feel alive. 

The album’s 13 songs featured a new sound from Styles that allowed him to be true to himself and his experiences through this new phase in his career. Fans have been streaming the album nonstop and can’t get enough of what Styles does. 

According to his interview with Zane Lowe, Styles spoke on the inspiration behind his third solo album and how it became ‘Harry’s House.’

“It was very literal, and it was very on the nose,” Styles said. “I wanted to make an acoustic EP or something and make it all in my house, and make it really intimate. [Harry’s House] was named after Hosono, who had an album in the ’70s called Hosono House. I heard that record, and I was like, oh, I love that.” 

For the first time, Harry Styles performed ‘Harry’s House’ live at One Night Only in New York on May 20. (Photo courtesy of Apple Music.)

We previously already heard “As It Was,” “Late Night Talking,” and “Boyfriends” at Coachella, but we can’t get these songs off our minds. The truth is, they are in our lives forever.

The tracklist starts with “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” whose funky sound lives up to its unique name. In his interview with NPR, Styles said Music for a Sushi Restaurant almost became the album title instead of ‘Harry’s House.’ 

Styles continued his pattern of including fruit in a song title with the album’s third track,  “Grapejuice.” He loves his fruit, you can say. 

If I had to choose one song to be my favorite, it would be Satellite because it’s about always being there for a person they care about, but they don’t receive the same effort in return. Satellites are worldwide, and this song demonstrates how a person will always be there like a satellite. 

While upbeat songs dominated the first part of the album, there were slower tunes that decorated the second half. Songs like “Matilda” and “Little Freak hit close to home for many fans and held meaning for all listeners.

“Matilda was kind of relatively self-explanatory,” Styles said. “I like that it was this personal story to me, about someone else being able to say this thing is more important than me just making music about myself.” 

I didn’t talk about a few more songs, but overall, the album’s sound and feel reminded me of songs by One Direction. What is your favorite song off the album?