Live Music Industry Brings Concerts Back to Life

TAMU-CC students take a selfie together at the Plain White T’s concert for the university’s 75th anniversary.

Across the world, COVID-19 caused many artists in the music industry to cancel their tours or postpone concerts and return live once the pandemic was safe enough to gather in person. 

The live music industry is now taking precautions in order to hold concerts for fans to enjoy while maintaining safety in crowded venues. 

Those artists included Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, BTS, and more that had to move their tours to 2021. Another year has passed and artists are continuing to release new tours in a post-pandemic reality of going back to “normal.”

“In the darkest times of what we just been through, the thing that got me through so much was this night knowing I’ll be back in front of you at some point,” Harry Styles said on returning back to performing live. 

With COVID-19 circumstances, these artists required health checks that the event organizer requested upon entry to be able to attend the event. Before purchasing a ticket, fans had to understand the health guidelines with these new event protocols. They were required to show full proof of vaccination, receive proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to the event, and wear a mask. 

Jerricca Rossilli, senior environmental science major, spoke on how concerts canceled in 2020 were sad because she had no idea how COVID would affect artists having to decide last minute not to perform. Now in 2022, Rossilli has been to Olivia Rodrigo and Still Woozy, both of which  still require  vaccination status for entry. She believes it’s a great idea that artists are continuing to use extra precaution when it comes to making everyone feel safe. 

“I’m very happy to be able to go to concerts again,” Rossilli said. “The new rules help keep us healthy so I appreciate them. [As far as] post pandemic, I like not having to wear masks  at the events because it can get hot in them. Either way, we all know the risks we take when we go to concerts where there are tons of people.” 

COVID-19 mandates are beginning to  drop in 2022 and it’s leading to U.S. venues allowing masks to become optional in some states, according to Gothamist. When fans are waiting to purchase tickets to their favorite artist, Ticketmaster shows a health advisory based on the requirements of the venue and mentions how the requirements are subject to change. According to Ticketmaster, they’re not in charge of setting up the health guidelines at the venues, it’s based on the event’s organizer. 

“I am relieved to know that artists are putting the effort to make everyone safe during the show with the new protocols and rules,” said sophomore Annie Chrane, who attended the Plain White T’s concert at TAMU-CC. “I feel it’s very important for artists to put in the effort towards health, safety, and precautions because it shows a sense of responsibility and ownership.” 

While the world is considered to be in a post-pandemic state, the music industry is going to continue to put on shows for everyone to enjoy and have a good time. What artists are you seeing next?