TAMU-CC Celebrates HHM Kickoff


Letty Guval De Luna, Spanish major at TAMU-CC, sings at the Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff. Lillian Crane/Island Waves

The 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff this past Thursday had a great turnout with ICA hosting the event for students to enjoy entertainment from the Mariachi de la Isla, food, vendors and more.

With the university being a Hispanic-serving institution, the Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff  allowed students to learn what it means to be Hispanic. 

“This is the first time that I’ve taken the lead on something this big,” said ICA student program coordinator Triana Garcia. “There’s always something that you can improve whenever it comes to programming, but I think we really hit it off.”

The event started with students enjoying food, such as fruit, pan dulces and beverages while they engaged with those around them.  

Professional assistant professor of English, and Hispanic Heritage Month Coordinator, Andrea Montalvo-Hamid spoke on how it was the first time putting on the HHM kickoff in the evening and she was pleased to see everyone who attended. Montalvo-Hamid added how it’s a misconception to those wondering why there’s a month dedicated to Hispanic heritage. 

“I think people don’t understand that because that’s all we get,” Montalvo-Hamid said. “We’re not really included in the narrative of the United States history, and if we only have a month, I’m going to put as many events in that month as we can.” 

A few guest speakers such as Dr. Rossy Lima who spoke on memories she had growing up and what they meant to her during the event.

“Now this month, we celebrate Hispanic heritage,” said Lima. “That means that we explore the lineage of the ancestors that led us to this moment. This month we celebrate but we also reflect on where we come from. I invite you to challenge those views and stereotypes to occupy spaces where you don’t see people like us speak for your ideas of equity and social change to make your language and your history be part of the official spaces around us.” 

By reflecting on her experiences, she encouraged those to have confidence in themselves by knowing that they are their ancestors’ answered prayers, and to let their voices be heard. 

For more information on the 30-day calendar, please visit https://www.tamucc.edu/hispanic-heritage-month/