A Pro-Abortion Rally Hosted by People’s Wave in Downtown Corpus Christi


Protestors, which included local City Council candidate Armon Alex, gathered on the seawall in opposition of anti-choice government officials. Photo by Chloe Tilley

Chloe Tilley, Editor-In-Chief

On Oct. 9, People’s Wave Corpus Christi hosted a pro-abortion rally on the seawall across from the United States District Court. The event consisted of local communities gathering in a nation-wide protest in support of abortion rights. The goal of the event was to let local officials know that the people of Corpus Christi demand abortion rights and access. 

Protester holding sign outdoors
A TAMU-CC Student Holds Up a Sign that Says, “My Favorite Season is the Fall of the Patriarchy.” Photo by Chloe Tilley

Molly Davis, a junior marketing major at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, organized the event. 

“I’ve organized part of what is a national-wide movement for what they call a ‘Women’s Wave 2022.’ It’s basically a wave of pro-abortion voters who are letting other people know that abortion is on the ballot this year. Because [abortion] is a state’s right, that means that our local candidates are the people who are responsible for our rights now,” Davis said. 

Protestor holding sign outdoors
A TAMU-CC student holds up a sign that says, “My Favorite Season is the Fall of the Patriarchy.” Photo by Chloe Tilley

The rally consisted of protesters holding pro-abortion signs, as well as one counter-protestor across the road holding a sign stating “Unborn Lives Matter.” The event protested against local and statewide officials who are anti-abortion, such as Gov. Greg Abbott, Rep. Michael Cloud, Comptroller Glenn Hegar, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. “We are protesting against those people and for those who do believe in abortion rights,” Davis said. Communities such as Texas Rising, NextGen, and Legal Women’s Voters, along with local individuals who are passionate about the right to abortion joined the protest. Candidate Armon Alex, who is running for city council in District 3, was also present at the rally. 

Counter-protestor holding sign outdoors
An unnamed counter-protestor carried a sign stating, “Unborn Lives Matter” across the street from the abortion rally. Photo by Chloe Tilley

“It’s incredibly important for people to get educated on their local and state officials and vote for pro-choice candidates who will respect our right to privacy,” Davis said. Davis, along with other organizers, were handing out slips of paper that detailed pro-choice candidates of Nueces County. 

The name change from “Women’s Wave” to “People’s Wave” was for the organizers to show that abortion not only affects women, but other marginalized communities as well. 

“This is something that affects everyone. Affordable and accessible abortion is beneficial for everyone and we have to be gender-inclusive for trans individuals who have to deal with abortion issues as well,” Davis said.

Different protestor holding sign outdoors
Local woman holds up a sign stating, “Mothers Against Greg Abbott.” Photo by Chloe Tilley

Kara Jeffries, a junior at TAMU-CC, who was one of the protestors at the event, explained why she joined the rally. 

“We’re out here advocating for abortion rights and hoping that local officials will instate the GRACE Act to not investigate abortions here in Texas,” Jeffries said. “I believe in intersectional rights and abortion falls into that for me. I’m out here advocating for my friends and family.”

People’s Wave is making a stance and won’t back down until the right to an abortion is legally reinstated in the state of Texas.



For more information regarding the GRACE Act (2022), visit https://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/austin/news/2022/07/22/austin-city-council-passes-grace-act-to-protect-abortion-access- 

For more information regarding Women’s Wave, the movement that inspired People’s Wave, visit https://www.womensmarch.com/initiatives/womens-wave