Celebrity Influence on Politics


Robert “Beto” O’Rourke and Harry Styles pictured backstage at one of Styles’ shows in Austin, Texas. Photo Courtesy of @betoorourke/Twitter

Brianna Sandoval, Interim Editor-in-Chief

There’s no doubt that celebrities play an influence on the minds of individuals who follow them. They are used to promote brands related to clothing, fragrances and food. But there are also politicians who are now using celebrities to help endorse their campaigns. Celebrities are also using their platform to endorse policies to be enacted in the United States. 

Harry Styles claimed his home in Austin for Love on Tour 2022 for a week. During this tour, Styles was paid a visit from TX Governor candidate Robert “Beto” O’ Rourke. O’Rourke and Styles posed together for a photo backstage that was met with positive reception from fans. O’Rourke is known to have celebrity endorsements from the likes of Willie Nelson, America Ferrera, and Lin Manuel-Miranda. 

Although some celebrities may be deemed as a credible source, this credibility extends to brand-related awareness rather than political endorsements.

When it comes to politics, TAMU-CC freshman, Kimberly Aguilar, believes that celebrities do drive influence when it comes to voting for a candidate. 

”They’re [celebrities] so used to being vocal on social media about things like that and they already persuade other things as well, like sponsorships.” said Aguilar

However, this influence reaches so far for Aguilar. When it comes to her opinions, she is very mindful and if someone she saw as influential had an opposing opinion to hers it would not phase her. “A celebrity I really like isn’t going to change my perspective,” Aguilar said. 

“ I don’t think I would,” Anevay Garcia, a Sophmore at TAMU-CC said when asked about if she would vote for a candidate if they were endorsed by a celebrity she favors. “To be honest, it really depends on the person they are endorsing. I might look into it, but I don’t know that I would vote because they endorse them.”

She also feels that celebrities can have an impact on their fans when endorsing a candidate. “If they [celebrities] have a larger platform and loyal followers, they can definitely turn some heads,” said Garcia.

Garcia believes that celebrities should be allowed to use their platforms for politics, but should also be mindful of the content they are sharing with their followers. “Take Kanye for example, who is currently spreading a lot of hate. Other celebrities use their platforms to gather awareness to issues arising, and I believe that is a good use of their platform.”

It may seem that celebrities are influential and have the ability to use their influence for either good or bad. However, their influence may not help in the long run for political candidates and politics when it comes down to election time.