Glammin’ With Gabi: “Dear Reader” Here’s A ‘Midnights’ Review


Taylor Swift reveals that she wrote Midnight’s songs in the middle of the night. Photo courtesy of Republic Records

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

It’s so great to be a Swiftie with another Glammin’ With Gabi Column. This week I’ll be reviewing Taylor Swift’s new debut album ‘Midnights.’

Swift just released her tenth studio album which features 13 songs and dropped Midnights (3 a.m. Edition) at 3:00 a.m. with seven bonus tracks. She describes it as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.” 

With this album, we didn’t get any songs released before its initial release, we only had “Midnight’s Mayhem With Me” where she introduced a small segment of revealing tracklist titles once per video. Swift knows how to start the album with a bop with “Lavender Haze” that started with “meet me at midnight.” It’s a good vibe to get people to continue to listen to what other songs she wrote. 

Other songs included “Maroon,” “Anti-hero,” “Snow On The Beach,” “Midnight Rain,” “Bejeweled,” “Karma,” “Question…?” and more. ‘Midnights’ takes us through an alluring direction in Swift’s lifetime as she reflects on past relationships and reveals narratives that fans can relate to. Fans all over TikTok stirred up drama by bringing up names such as Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, and Tom Hiddleston, Swift’s ex-lovers, which these songs could be about. Since Swift is a talented artist, she knows how to hide easter eggs for her fans. With these hints, fans discovered a few things that everyone is beginning to question. For example, with “Karma,” she states “karma is my boyfriend, karma is a God.” If you think about it, Justin Bieber has a song called “Boyfriend” and Ariana Grande created the song “God is a Woman.” Bieber and Grande are both represented by Scooter Braun, therefore leading fans to suggest a theory that karma’s “coming back around” for him. 

Not only did we get those 13 songs but Swift also surprised us with “Glitch,” “Paris,” “The Great War,” and a few more. She released two music videos for “Anti-Hero,” and “Bejeweled,” with great narratives for storytelling. 

It’s great to have a new Taylor Swift era, or some might say it is her villain era which I can agree with. Every fan is asking for a tour since it has been four years since her Reputation era. By mentioning it on Jimmy Fallon, she said “when it’s time we’ll do it.” Swiftie, we are falling in love with your music all over again.