Candy Cane Christmas


A home on Candy Cane Lane decorated for the Holiday Season. Photo Courtesy of Dr. Velda Vela-Trujillo

Miranda Martinez, Managing Editor

The lights are never dim on Candy Cane Lane. Since its inception in 1982, this legendary Christmas attraction has been known by the Coastal Bend to be the best spot to view Christmas lights. Candy Cane Lane can be visited starting five days after Thanksgiving, and until five days after Christmas. 

“It’s a big celebration [and] it has the small town feel. The generosity of all the neighbors is what makes it so special, ” said neighborhood resident and contributor Dr. Velda Vela-Trujillo. 

Visitors can expect to see various attractions throughout the night with over 300 houses taking part in this display of holiday spirit. With attractions like Christmas light displays, light arches, sleighs, reindeer, and photo opportunities, you are sure to find something to enjoy. Along with a contagious holiday joy that gives everyone a smile on their face. 

“Here at Candy Cane Lane, everyone is wishing each other Merry Christmas [and] sharing the joy,” Dr. Vela-Trujillo said. “That’s really what I love.” 

 All of this holiday joy is officially initiated with a neighborhood block party on the second Saturday of December, a tradition that celebrates the holiday season throughout the Schanen Estates with residents of the neighborhood and the Coastal Bend. 

“Santa Claus is out there. Bands [are] out there playing music,” neighborhood organizer Micheal Humbach said. “It’s a community thing. We want to give it to the community.” 

Spectators have the option to either drive-by the houses or tour the streets by foot.  Visitors can park their cars in the nearby streets or at Schanen Elementary. Candy Cane Lane and the surrounding area does get crowded during its peak hours; the later hours of the evening. So, local residents recommend going by foot and arriving early. 

“Come early [and] park outside of the neighborhood. There’s so much to see and when you’re driving you get cars behind you [and] cars in front of you and they push you through. You miss a lot,” Humbach said. “Just walk and enjoy the evening.”

Visitors can also expect to find treats along their trek in Candy Cane Lane. Many residents are known to give out items like lollipops, hot cocoa, candy canes, apple cider and much more. Sightseers should arrive early to ensure they receive these delicious treats. 

“I think that they used to [just] give out candies, but now it’s even more elaborate,” 

Dr. Vela-Trujillo said. “We have a photo opp and we give blow pops. There are so many people, but it’s just so fun to do.” 

However, Candy Cane Lane hasn’t always been this big of an event. At its inception, the concept was kept within the main Candy Cane Lane, Donegal Lane. As it got popular, fellow residents of the Schanen Estates joined in the holiday spirit with each street taking on a special feature to distinguish themselves from other streets. 

 “It expanded to all the surrounding neighborhoods around Donegal,”  Dr. Vela-Trujillo said. “Now it’s become a whole neighborhood event [and] every street has its own special light up fixture. We have candles in front of ours, others have candy canes and street lamps.” 

Candy Cane Lane is located in the Schanen Estates neighborhood in Corpus Christi’s southside, off of Everhart and Wooldridge. With four main streets being decorated: Donegal Drive, Wooldridge Road, McAlpin Drive, and Killarmet Drive.