TAMU-CC Students take a Walk In Her Shoes Against Gender Violence


Shoes set up for students to find their size so they can attempt at walking in heels at the event. Photo by Lillian Crane

Faith Cooper, Reporter

This past Wednesday, TAMU-CC students stopped by Bay Hall Lawn to take a “walk in her shoes”. 

Student walking in heels outdoors
Christopher Flores, sophomore in psychology, laughs as he walks in red heels at Walk in Her Shoes. Photo by Lillian Crane

“Walk in Her Shoes” is an annual event organized by Islanders for Social Justice. Students visit the stand to try on a pair of heels and walk. The goal of the event is to spread awareness about rape culture and gender violence. The event was intentionally held during Women’s History Month, as well as International Women’s Day. Dr.Bartholomay, who sponsors Islanders for Social Justice and teaches classes on the topic, explained: “A lot of times, when we talk about solutions to sexual assault or how to prevent it, it’s often offering a lot of strategies for victims to protect themselves, like don’t walk alone at night, walk in groups, or carry pepper spray. But those things aren’t really doing anything to stop the cause of gender violence and sexual assault. It’s really kind of just putting the responsibility on the victims to protect themselves, rather than ending rape culture.” The event ultimately serves to represent victims, to give people the opportunity to actually take a walk in their shoes. 

Students talking to professor outdoors
Students talk with Dr. Daniel Bartholomay, Assistant Professor of Sociology, about the event at Walk in Her Shoes. Photo by Lillian Crane