New Year, New Party 101 With Matt Bennett


Matt Bennett brings Party 101 to everyone around the world for 2023. Photo courtesy of Party 101

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

Remember iParty last summer and dancing the night away with Nickelodeon, Disney, and popular songs? Well, Matt Bennett returns to bring back the experience by now calling it Party 101 World Tour 2023. 

Bennett rebranded the name due to complications that occurred with Jeffery the DJ, who 

went on social media to state his perspective on iParty and how Bennett is now solo for Party 101. 

While Jeffery came up with the concept of iParty and has been hosting these events since 2017, Bennett was down to partner with Jeffery for this project. Eventually, after the months went by, Bennett approached Jeffery with wanting to do a brand new deal to expand iParty. However, that meant Jeffery had to take a step back, which he was not okay with. 

“I was a part of this event as much as he was and I had put in so much work and I’ve been in this industry for a long time,” Jeffery said. “It wasn’t fair to me.”

Bennett moved on without Jeffery for Party 101 and announced the dates for a night filled with throwback jams. The day before the event was announced, Jeffery went on to Instagram to clarify he will not be part of the event and does not endorse it. 

“Hey y’all, you might see something soon that may seem like quite literally the same event that I co-created and worked so hard on,” Jeffery said. “Working on my own project and can’t wait to announce.” 

In the end, Party 101 will be a night filled with throwbacks and jamming to music with friends to have a good time. What are your thoughts on Party 101?