Hemispheres Cafe Expects to Open a Third Location this Summer


Hemisphere Cafe at Island Hall Corpus Christi, Texas. April 14, 2023. Photo by Kellie Heron

Dante Ortiz, Reporter

Hemispheres Cafe plans to open up a third location that focuses on creating a welcoming atmosphere where customers can sit, study, or read a book while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.

       Co-owners Dexter Rhines and Joel Torres stated the new location will differ from the other two in that it will feature a drive-thru and have a heavier emphasis on the various coffee options that the Cafe has to offer. 

       “Being in this place that has the drive-thru, right, that’s always the biggest demand, like, give me what I need, so I can get going. And then, finally, being able to be in that position and enhance the experience of what coffee normally is. And I think it’s important to still be listening to all the different flavors that customers want. And also at the same time, I think by educating on coffee, it’s most people drink it and have to load it with sugars and have to load it with all other things. So it’s important to know that the base can be actually very good on its own,” said Joel Torres, co-owner of Hemispheres Cafe.

       Hemispheres currently has two locations; the first is located within the Corpus Christi Athletic Club (CCAC) and opened amidst the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. 

        The second is located on the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi  (TAMUCC) campus inside Island Hall. 

Employee working at Hemispheres in Island Hall
An employee at Hemisphere Cafe makes a drink for a customer. April 14, 2023. Photographer Kellie Heron

        The two locations focus on providing food as fuel, offering smoothies,  protein shakes, and grab-and-go food options that cater to the hustle and bustle lifestyle of gym-goers and college students. 

       “Currently, where we’re at, within the Corpus Christi Athletic Club, and we see some clients are looking for a quick grab and go, you know, it’s not something where they’re going to sit down and have this elaborate experience. Very similar at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. There’s students who are coming that we get a quick hit, and then they’re gone. And so, you know,  with the third location, we will be able to offer them a place to come in and sit down and really experience the hemispheres difference,” stated Dexter Rhines, Co-owner of Hemispheres Cafe. 

Front of Hemispheres at Island Hall
Hemisphere Cafe at Island Hall Corpus Christi, Texas. April 14, 2023. Photo by Kellie Heron

       Rhines and Torres are Corpus Christi natives who hope to make an impact in the community by listening to customer feedback and making changes as they go. 

       Hemispheres is centered around teamwork and focuses on making an environment in which there is positive engagement between the owners, baristas, and customers alike. 

       “We think that’s our differentiating factor. You know, a lot of people sell coffee in the community, but it’s about the experience. It’s about the engagement with the baristas and in a team and even us as owners, that’s going to create, you know, something that you want to continue to come back to, and we hope to engage with the community to see what type of events would be beneficial.”

       Customers can get a taste of what to expect by visiting either of the two active locations. The best-sellers are the mango crusher smoothie and the cookies and cream shake. The cafe also offers sandwiches provided by their partnership with sugar bakers, such as the chicken salad sandwich. Customers also can choose between hummus lunch packs and sliders with fruit and vegetables on the side.

       Updates regarding specials, menu items, and the new location can be found on the cafe’s socials at this time. While there is no definitive open date, the owners are pushing to have their new location up and running sometime this summer.