Glammin’ With Gabi: “Tell Me Why” I Miss Taylor Swift Already


Taylor Swift opens the Era’s Tour with “Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince” in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Gabriella Ruiz

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

Something about Taylor Swift Era’s tour felt like I was in my “wildest dreams” with her amazing performance at the Arlington AT&T Stadium. 

       It will be one week since I’ve seen her take the stage and open up with “Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince.” Honestly, that day was a fairytale. 

       My best friends and I decided to dress up in three different eras. Lover, Red, and the Reputation Era. I dressed up in the Lover era because I love to wear pink and my outfit came out cute. I still can’t believe it happened all fast.

       When we first went to find our seats we ended up getting nosebleeds in the front row.t was the most amazing experience ever for a concert. She sang about 44 songs and I was at the stadium from about 4:30 p.m. to after 11:30 at night. It was insane and I believe she set the stage for many artists with the performance she put on for her fans. Throughout each era, she had outfit changes, different props, and dancers and showed a story for each song. 

       A few things to know about the Era Tour is that at each concert she will play two surprise songs; And for Arlington’s first night, she played “The 1” and “Sad Beautiful Tragic.” Another thing, when you get your light-up wristband, keep the tab to keep the light to last for a long time after the concert. Also, the merch sells out quickly, but there will be many merch booths to find the items you are searching for. Lastly, I would like to highlight that everyone is making friendship bracelets to trade with people and it is fun. 

       At the end of the day, I will remember the concert “all too well” and I’m glad I was able to see Taylor Swift live for this tour.