Meet Murphee Bloom:


(Pictured Left to Right) Murphee Bloom, Tanner Hicks, Shannon Hicks, Doug Helmke and Logan Hicks on set at a commercial shoot. Photo by Brianna Sandoval

Brianna Sandoval, Interim Editor-in-Chief

Murphee Bloom has had a productive year in terms of her career in film and commercial acting.

       Starting at the age of four, Murphee has grown over the past two years to get to where she is now. Murphee’s mother describes her as a big gamer, a lover of arts and crafts, and very creative in all aspects. She loves coming up with her own characters and dances and is passionate about the arts. Bloom shares her kindness with everyone she encounters while also giving a few scares to the crew she works with on films.

       Currently, she is being homeschooled by her mom, Zacre Bloom, but hopes to return to public school soon.

       “She got sick when she was really young, so when Covid happened, we just immediately pulled her and kept her home,” Zacre Bloom said. 

       Once school began again, Murphee booked a film that would begin shooting in Louisiana, meaning that they would be gone for a little over a month. 

       “She does like the homeschooling, it’s an advanced program,” Murphee’s mother said, explaining how it has kept her ahead. However, the most important factor is ensuring Murphee has a normal childhood and does not feel isolated at any point in her life. Murphee shared that most of her friends are grown-ups due to working in the film industry, but she enjoys her work. 

       “I think that’s the one thing that I want to really focus on with her, is still giving her a normal childhood,” expressed Zacre Bloom.

       Murphee began her acting career after thinking that it would be an interesting job to try. She expressed that she had watched other actors’ performances and wondered what it would be like to do what they do. 

       “I wanted to try it out and see if I could do it, and I did,” Murphee said happily. 

        The young local has booked three feature films and is excited to continue her work for years to come. Her favorites so far to work on are the Shudder film History of Evil and the Hulu film Clock. She enjoyed working with the other actresses that were involved in these films.

       “I really, really like the actresses; just acting with them and I really had a good time,” Murphee said.

       Jackie Cruz, an actress known for the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, is considered a close friend to Murphee. According to Murphee, she and Cruz have similar interests and like similar things.

       “She likes penguins and I like penguins,” Murphee said.

       Murphee and her mother have a saying to one another to ensure that Murphee stays motivated when it comes to her career: “You may get one million no’s, but it only takes one yes,” the Blooms said.

       This is a motto Murphee stands by and uses it to think about where she is now. Her mom expresses that Murphee has always stood out, and loves to perform in front of others. Her mother also shared that she can be very shy.

       Due to her acting in a variety of roles, Murphee feels that it’s hard to pick a favorite role. However, she does have a dream role that she would like to play when she is older.

       “If I have to grow up, the one role would probably be the girl from Legally Blonde, the girl that becomes a lawyer,” stated Murphee.

       Although Murphee started at a young age, she wants to continue her acting career. She also plans on inspiring other kids from the Coastal Bend area to follow their dreams if they want to become an actor.

       She encourages those who want to work in acting to just give it a try. She expresses that it’s best to keep trying and not to be discouraged.

       “What you see on camera is very different from what you get in real life,” Murphee’s mother said.

       Zacre describes it as a switch that is flipped when it comes to her daughter’s ability in front of the camera. She commends her daughter on developing a character well and is patient in that aspect. 

       According to Murphee’s mother, “It’s unparalleled to anything I think I’ve seen, I mean she can turn on the waterworks and cry as if someone dropped dead in front of her and seconds later, just be laughing and having a good time.”

       As for Murphee, she wants others to try and give acting a chance if someone truly wants to do so. She stresses to upcoming actors to take part in all auditions that come their way.

       “You have to keep trying and if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, and you can stop doing it. Or you can keep doing it and keep acting the way you want to act,” Murphee said.

       As for now, Clock is set to be released later this year and no date has been set for History of Evil. Be sure to keep a lookout for these films and catch Murphee showcasing her talent in them.