Beauty Pageant marked by tradition and distinction

Graduate Adviser

The lights, the music and the elegance of a beauty pageant are just a few of the things that make it special.  Contestants take to the stage in the hopes of winning the title, a crown and even scholarship money.  Of course, all of the practicing, primping and posing lead up to the dramatic moment when the winner’s name is finally announced.  And while that moment is synonymous with the long tradition of beauty pageants, there is something even more special about that moment when it happens at the Miss Coastal Bend Pageant.  That’s because the winner will have the distinction of being this particular pageant’s very first winner.

The inaugural Miss Costal Bend Pageant is set to happen in Corpus Christi in early March and it will offer the opportunity for contestants to not only win scholarship money, but the event could lead the winner to more pageantry at the Miss Texas and Miss America pageants, as well.

“This is a new opportunity for the young ladies in this area to compete for not only the title of Miss Coastal Bend, but also for scholarships and the chance to advance to the Miss Texas and even the Miss America Pageant,” said Julie Shodrok, Local Director for the pageant.  “The winner will advance to the Miss Texas pageant that will be held in June in Dallas.”

The Miss Coastal Bend Pageant will award the two crowns, as the proceedings will also give teenaged hopefuls a chance at a crown of their very own.

“The competition gives young ladies between the ages of 13 and 24 a chance to compete at a level that could take them all the way to the Miss America Pageant,” Shodrok said.

Contestants who are vying for the Miss Teen Coastal Bend title need to be between the ages of 13 and 17, while the age range for those competing for the Miss Coastal Bend title is between 18 and 24.  And while different age categories will attract a wide variety of contestants, Shodrok said they all need to have at least one thing in common.

“This is what is known as a true talent competition,” Shodrok said.  “Singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument are what the judges consider true talent,” she said, noting that contestants must be prepared to confidently show off their unique abilities to walk away with the title.

“In addition to the talent component of the competition, the pageant will also include the evening gown and swimsuit competitions as well as an on-stage interview,” Shodrok adds.

Of course, it will all lead up to the exact moment when the winners of both age categories are announced.  Not only will these two young women welcome all of the possibilities that their newly acquired titles will bring them, but they will also have the very unique distinction of beginning a new legacy from the first moment that they wear the Miss Coastal Bend crown.

Interested contestants should contact Julie Shodrok at (361) 290-0301 or at [email protected]