SVO sponsors Nerf and Turf War fundraiser



The Student Veteran Organization hosted a Nerf and Turf War for students on Nov. 15 and 16 on the East Lawn of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

The event was a fundraiser for the Student Veteran Organization and a chance for students to get outside and be active. This is the first time the Student Veteran Organization put on this event.

“The idea came from last year,” said Garrett Brundage, the UCSO representative for the Student Veteran Organization. “We had this organized last year till the day of it started pouring rain and we had to cancel the event.”

To play participants paid $2 per person and joined a team. All the guns were provided so students only had to show up and play. There were also opportunities for students to buy shirts that were for sale.

“We were talking about events to put on and thought we ‘need to get some cool events going on,’” Brundage said. “I don’t know whose idea it was but we all just came together and thought a Nerf gun fight and thought college students would be active in this with us.”

Brundage said some of the money raised will help reduce graduation cost for veterans by paying for items such as cords, stoles, etc. Some money may also be used to put on a barbeque for veterans.

“I think there is going to be an opportunity for regular students to come up and feel a little bit closer to veterans and close that gap a little bit,” said Micah Bachner, president of the Student Veteran Organization. “We want to raise money and most of all get exposure and get out and have some fun.”

Bachner said one of the big goals for this event was to bridge the gap between veterans and students. Members of the organization were hoping that students would come out and see a different side to veterans and have fun at the same time.

“I think it gets students involved and it lets students do something they don’t normally do,” said Keenan Laymon, missionary associate for Chi Alpha. “It gets students to come out to the SVO booth and get interested.”