Group fitness encourages stress relieving techniques



With finals just around the corner, the Island University offers healthy releases for students.

For the second time this semester, the Dugan Wellness Center hosted the Group Fitness Extravaganza for students to come work out their stress. Located in the Motor Development room of Island Hall, this event offered students a variety of workout options. The workout segments lasted about 30 minutes each.

“[The Group Fitness Extravaganza is] an event for stress relief and to burn off all the turkey and food eaten over Thanksgiving time,” fitness and wellness coordinator Kelsey Leggett said.

For each segment, the instructors set themselves up on a raised platform and taught the class. “We had our last extravaganza right before the semester started with a kickoff and it was a great turnout. We had about 50 people,” Leggett said. “We got some feedback to do it again around this time of year because it is stressful with finals coming up.”

The Yoga Warmup began immediately at 5 p.m. and allowed participants to release tension from their bodies before proceeding with the evening’s events.

“We started with yoga,” senior environmental science major Daniel Green said. “Apparently, I’m not that flexible.”

After the workout, several instructors took the stage to lead a Zumba class.

Last on the agenda was pilates, which offered participants an opportunity to slowly bring their bodies to a rest. This was followed by a cool down session.

After each segment, raffle prizes were given out. Participants had an opportunity to win T-shirts, shaker bottles and other fitness-related prizes.

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