Campus Activities Board makes event fun for all


Contributing Writer 

For the Campus Activities Board, this is the regular agenda and they try and make every event special so everyone can enjoy. CAB has held different events throughout the school year and they never want to stop encouraging new events for them to host.

“CAB is Campus Activities Board and they are a student-led departmental organization out of Student Activities and their tag line is ‘all we do is fun,’” said event coordinator Susan La Torre. “They create events on campus for other students to kind of make their campus life more memorable and more enjoyable.”

From Screen on the Green to Battle of the Bands, CAB members want all students to attend all of their events and make the most of their college years.

“It’s a lot of fun, but it’s a lot of dedication too,” said Idania Garza, junior bio medical science major who is also in CAB. “Seeing students happy, like from what we created or done, it’s fulfilling,”

The core values of Campus Activities Board are fun, respect, acceptance, community and servant leadership. CAB tries to provide opportunities for Island University students to develop leadership and social skills through the meetings they hold, and the retreats and social events they host. Each CAB member has a different perspective on what CAB is all about.

“It’s totally fun and it’s all for y’all so, I mean definitely come out take advantage of it. It’s completely free you don’t have to pay for anything,” Idania said. “And were here to give y’all the fun that y’all have because school is not just stress, you know there’s time for fun.”

Alan Contreras, senior communication major, described CAB as “Fun, full of energy and charismatic, great individuals that are involved in CAB.”

La Torre said any student can be a part of CAB,.

“CAB meets every week,” she said. “They have a general membership meeting and you can go to one of those meetings and that is on Thursday at 5.”

For more information visit the Campus Activities Board’s website: or visit any of their social media accounts for more information on any of their upcoming events.