Theatre Student finds a Home on the Island


Contributing Writer

For senior theatre major Jacob Avery Salazar, theatre has been his passion for almost a decade. Salazar has focused on doing what he loves getting a degree he can use to change lives through theatre.


“I enjoyed law and medicine but it wasn’t what I was called to do,” Salazar said. “I was in a play at the time and a couple came up to me after the show crying and they said, ‘you described my marriage.’ That moment was when I realized that I knew theatre was what I was called to do.”


Zalazar said he chose Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi  because it was recommended by his high school director, Jake Lierman and his colleague, Josh Harriman. Lierman called his colleague who frequently wins UIL State competitions for one act play.  Salazar said he trusted his director to give him a school that would continue to push and educate him in college through theatre.


Zalazar is an officer of the Improv Club and Singers Theatre. Recently, he participated in the Islander’s Improv show on Oct. 18, where Islanders were invited to see theatre majors perform in different improvisation games. The famous character Madea from the “Madea” movies was the character Salazar acted out. One of the earliest productions of his career was Tarzan, where he played Kurtek.


“I have nothing but positive thoughts about Jacob. It’s been a learning experience and absolute joy to work with him,” said senior theatre major Grace Taylor. “He’s such an easy-going yet, hard hard-working individual who has a genial personality that is incredibly infectious.”


On Nov. 2, a fake drug bust was put on by assistant professor of criminal Justice Gabriel Ferreyra and professional assistant professor of Communication and media Wendy Moore. The performance was meant to teach students in their law and media classes by having theatre students perform a fake drug bust. Out of those theatre students, Salazar played one of the campus police officers who performed throughout the skit.


“I was just walking by and saw this awesome play going on,” said sophomore kinesiology major Ryan Ocanas. “The main cop acted like a real cop. I enjoyed watching his performance.”


Salazar will participate in the theatre department’s main stage show on Nov. 14, “Titus and Andronicus.”  Salazar played the character Marcus Andronicus who is the voice of reason.


“It’s been a challenge to work through Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most Violent show,” Salazar said. “It’s so intense. If you enjoy comedy mixed with some intense moments, then you’ll enjoy it.”


Salazar was born on Nov. 14, 1997 in Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock was where he resided until he moved to Corpus Christi for college. He attended high school at Frenship High School in Wolfforth, Texas where he discovered his passion for theatre. From high school, Salazar had an opportunity to get full ride in law and a full ride in medicine toward his PhD.


Salazar said he has never regretted his decision to attend the Island University. He said he feels he will always be proud to say that he’s a theatre student and Islander at the Island University.


“A Lot of time theatre kids are looked at as if we ran away with our childhood fantasies,” Salazar said. “TAMUCC has an extremely wonderful nursing program. Without medicine we couldn’t live. Well, without theatre we wouldn’t want to live.”


To catch Salazar’s next show, visit the theatre department on the TAMU-CC website for updates on the “Titus and Andronicus” play. Ticket pricing and show times will soon be posted for Islanders and the Corpus Christi community.