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Be wary of getting Spring Fever

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It’s that time of the year where “love is in the air.” Sure, Spring means a lot of different things. New changes and definitely new begin- nings. But lately what I’ve no- ticed is that there are always a lot of break ups right before Spring Break.

People I’ve spoken with about this topic tell me this mainly happens so that people can participate in the famous “spring flings” and let loose for a while without having to wor- ry about their relationship sta- tuses. I’ve also seen too many times the “I want a break” card be played right before a vaca- tion from school starts.

However, I’ve also noticed that in college, people are so quick to get into a relationship; especially during this time of year. I’ve had my own expe- riences both from last spring and this semester where I see people fall in and out of rela- tionships so quickly and I’m not really sure what it is ex- actly. I’d like to blame the pol- len or the flowers blooming or somekindofchemicalimbal- ance in students’ brains that make them act like this.

I digress and I’m kidding of course when I say this, but I think students need to be aware that the Spring semes- ter is a very emotional time for students. Not only are you stressing about midterms and finals, but relationship

problems on top of that really don’t help.

I personally went through a breakup right before finals be- gan last spring and it definitely was mentally exhausting having to deal with the constant fight- ing and eventually the heart- break when I had a million other things going on. I’ve had people recently wanting to date or start a relationship with me and while itisniceandflattering,it’sdiffi- cult to really trust it since every- one seems to be in a relation- ship right now or going through something right now. It’s not to say that I’m bitter when it comes to relationships, but I think from my experience, I learned not to jump into something so quickly or take things to heart. I have too much going on in my life

right now and with graduation quickly approaching for me, I don’t think I could bring myself to commit to anything right now.

College is a time where you’re supposed to have fun and learn about yourself. Remember that regardless if you decide to date, get into a relationship, or just stay single, it is ultimately your choice. What matters most is your happiness. If you’re in a relationship,congratulations.If you just recently got your heart broken, I promise you that it def- initely will be okay. If you decide to stay single, awesome. Remem- ber to take care of number one. Spring is a time where many un- expected things can happen. Just remember to have fun, make smart choices and don’t let the pollen get you.

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Be wary of getting Spring Fever