CCPD stealth cars show successful results

A CCPD officer stands in front of a stealth car. Image courtesy of the Caller Times.

A CCPD officer stands in front of a stealth car. Image courtesy of the Caller Times.

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Six months ago, in Feb. 2018, the Corpus Christi Police Department unveiled its first stealth car. According to an article by KIII News, the program has proved so successful that more stealth cars have been implemented in an effort to catch distracted drivers and those who drive above the speed limit. 

A video of a stealth car dash cam can be viewed on the KIII website and Facebook page. In the video, a car is seen going over 100 mph down the SPID freeway. The car cuts off another vehicle as the officer shines his lights to get the vehicle to stop. The video, already reaching over four million views, demonstrates just how successful the stealth cars are in capturing unsuspecting speeders. 

 “It’s about time,” said Junior Accounting major John Rodriguez. “I always see people speeding down the freeway, cutting people off and putting everyone around them in danger. It’s nice to see that they are actually getting caught. Hopefully people will think twice about speeding now that they know that a cop could come out of nowhere.” 

 According to the same article, the stealth cars will only be active during the day time due to safety reasons, and a uniformed officer will always be behind the wheel. The stealth cars continue to elicit positive results for CCPD as they target problem areas such as SPID for those who are speeding, texting or driving distracted.