Flattering Fitness offers free exotic fitness classes at TAMU-CC


Jordan Allford and Amanda Risley demonstrating a tequnique. Photo taken by Kirklan Hinojosa

Kirklan Hinojosa
Web Editor

TAMU-CC has recently offered free exotic fitness classes in the Dougan. The fitness classes are aimed to promote self-confidence, good health and acceptance amongst men and women. Some of the lessons taught are pole dancing, lap dancing and floor aerobics.  

The club was created by Jordan Allford and Amanda Risley, both Senior Mechanical Engineering Majors. Classes began Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, with 28 members and have since expanded to about 40 members per night.

Jordan Allford and Amanda Risley demonstrating a tequnique. Photo taken by Kirklan Hinojosa


“I’m really excited that this club started,” said Jaqueline Cortez, Junior Criminal Justice major.  

“I’ve been wanting to do something with the school besides just take classes, now I can meet new friends and have fun while being healthier.“ 

The Wednesday night class began with a series of stretches to warm up the body before going into more advanced techniques. Pop music played as the class was divided into two groups, those who would like to learn lap dancing and those who would like to learn floor aerobics. Each instructor lead the groups in learning various techniques and routines.  

“The whole point is so that women and men can connect with a part of themselves that they’re use to saying, ‘No that’s bad, that’s wrong,’” said Risley. “If they are confident with that they can carry that into other parts of life. Confidence is power. We’re trying to foster women and men to feel confident, make eye contact, connect with the other person and be themselves.” 

“We want people to not only take fitness away but gain friendship, acceptance and self-love,” said Allford. “We have so many different body types, personalities, all beautiful, so everyone is welcome.”  

Flattering Fitness classes are held every Monday and Wednesday night from 8-10 p.m. in the Dougan, Izzy 243. For more information, visit their Instagram @tamuccflatteringfitness.