October Art Walk

Photo by Sierra Lutz. Fall and Winter themed crochet dolls made by Vianey Sedas for her business Victoria’s Art Den. Photo by Sierra Lutz.

Photo by Sierra Lutz. Fall and Winter themed crochet dolls made by Vianey Sedas for her business Victoria’s Art Den. Photo by Sierra Lutz.

Caleigh Sowder
Copy Editor

Oct. 5 was the first Friday of the month, meaning that Art Walk once again popped up in downtown Corpus Christi. Venders sold their crafts as guests bought food from food trucks and perused what downtown had to offer.  

Tatsi Armadillo has been attending the Art Walk since 2012 and loves the environment and community it presents every month. 

“We have lots of great vendors that come out here,” said Armadillo. “We’ve got food trucks. We’ve got a shuttle that takes you from place to place, so you get to see all of downtown.” 

Armadillo helps run the booth for My Wicked Art, a business ran by her daughter, Amber-Rose, who has been making crafts and selling them for years. 

“My daughter makes everything,” said Armadillo. “Mostly everything is handmade, and that’s what’s paying her way through college. It paid for prom … bought her prom dress. And so, she’s been doing it for about eight years already. We’re just supporting her.” 

One of Armadillo’s favorite things about the Art Walk is that it allows families and the community to enjoy downtown Corpus Christi. 

“My favorite part about Art Walk is the families that come out here,” said Armadillo, “and we have regulars that come out every first Friday. They come out here, they come and eat, they come and look at the different vendors, buy the different things. It’s family quality time.” 

Vendor Vianey Sedas was also in attendance with her business, Victoria’s Art Den. One of her most eye-catching crafts is handmade crochet dolls. 

“These are crochet dolls and I make them from scratch,” said Sedas. “It’s something that I visualize as I go. I don’t have a planned doll when I start. As I go, I just go adding, and I usually go with a theme. Whatever holiday we’re celebrating, that’s the one I create.” 

Sedas loves creating the dolls but said it can be very time consuming and difficult. 

“It does require a lot of patience and tolerance because if you mess up,” said Sedas, “you have to restart. But, it’s very therapeutic. When I visualize something, I have to make it come to life, as you can see. I’m creatively obsessed. I have to be creating constantly or else I’m not happy.” 

If you would like to see any of My Wicked Art’s wicked cool products, make sure to check out their website, https://mywickedart.com. Be sure to also take a look at Victoria’s Art Den on Facebook to see the amazing crochet dolls and original photographs of the Coastal Bend’s beaches. 


Photo by Sierra Lutz.
Bath salts and trinkets handmade my Amber-Rose for her business My Wicked Art.