ZTAs advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness month

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ZTAs advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness month

The 2018 Zeta executive council members smile for a photo.

The 2018 Zeta executive council members smile for a photo.

The 2018 Zeta executive council members smile for a photo.

The 2018 Zeta executive council members smile for a photo.

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Brian Owens
Brittney Perez

One of the largest Panhellenic sororities on campus is going all out for Breast Cancer Awareness month. All their events are designed to raise awareness for their national philanthropy. 

Zeta Tau Alpha boasts 72 members and is one of the largest Panhellenic sororities at TAMU-CC. When asked what it means to be a Zeta in three words, Junior Nursing major Brook O’Connor, Vice President of Zeta Tau Alpha, said “loyalty, commitment, and passion.” 

These traits can be seen in their yearly efforts for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Junior Nursing major and President of Zeta Tau Alpha, Ariana Moussavi, said, “Our chapter has been participating in breast cancer education and awareness since we were installed in 2010. Nationally, ZTA has championed the fight against breast cancer since 1992.” 

The ladies of Zeta at the 2017 Making Strides Walk.

Because of this, October is one of the busiest months for the sorority. Some of their philanthropy events this year included a Kendra Scott Giveback Party, held on Oct. 12, and the Big Man on Campus event, which was held on Oct. 17. 

“Since 1992,” said Moussavi, “collegiate and alumni chapters have spread the message of breast cancer education and awareness through local, national and community partnerships. Since 2010, Lambda Delta Chapter has been able to spread the message more throughout the Nueces county.” 

Veronica Gonzalez, Senior Education major, has been working for Kendra Scott since it first arrived in Corpus Christi in February of 2018. Gonzalez said that the store was launching their winter collection, and after being contacted by the president of the Zetas about a Kendra Scott Giveback Party, a partnership was born. She also mentioned that 20% of the proceeds from 6 to 8 p.m. on that evening would be donated to the Zetas’ philanthropy.  

Eliana Leonard, a Junior and Health Science major with hopes of attending medical school someday, said that, “Kendra is big on philanthropy and giving back to the community.” She also said that since “her (Kendra Scott’s) best friend died of breast cancer and the Zeta’s philanthropy is breast cancer education and advocacy, it was a good partner.” 

When asked what words she would use to describe the Zetas, Leonard said “A special bond. I like the sisterhood being a Zeta brings.” Leonard also said that there has been an increase of customers since the event started. Gonzalez, however, noticed that much of this extra flow came from the families and friends of Zetas. 

Another big event in October for the Zetas is the upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, to be held on Oct. 20. 

“It is such an amazing experience that our chapter gets to be a part of,” said Moussavi, “and we are so grateful for the opportunity. To hear everything that these individuals and their families have gone through is unspeakable, but to see them standing in front of us speaking in such a positive manner is very motivating and inspirational.” 

O’Connor added that it is something she looks forward to every year.  

“We give the survivors a sash that says how long they have been cancer- free,” said O’Connor, “and we put the sash on them and cheer super loud for that individual so they feel special. … After the survivors tent, we participate in the walk, which is a lot of fun too because everyone is pinked out and wearing tutus.” 

O’Connor, who has personally been affected by breast cancer, said, “It is such an incredible feeling to be a Zeta,” and that, “being in Zeta Tau Alpha has made me realize that you don’t have to personally be affected by it (breast cancer) to join the fight and feel the passion that each one of our members have.” O’Connor mentioned that, “I have never met such a large group of women who are so determined, hard-working and strive for such great success before. I believe these are the qualities that make us stand out because those qualities reflect back on our events and our chapter as a whole.” 

O’Connor also shared her experiences at the 2018 National Zeta Conference. 

“During this conference,” said O’Connor, “the International Office shared with everyone that Zeta nationally has raised nine million dollars this past year for breast cancer education and awareness.” 

While there are numerous events being put on by the Zetas, Moussavi pointed out that “all of our events are so important because we are raising money and awareness for breast cancer. Every dollar and every person matters!”  

“Our goal in terms of breast cancer is to raise $10,000 in the fall of 2018 semester,” said O’Connor. “Last year, we raised over $10,000 in one year, which we are super proud of, but we know we can raise way more than that!” 

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